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Arthur is excited about a brand new computer game called “Deep Dark Sea”. Specifically, the goal of the game is to find “the thing,” which if done, he’ll win the game. Eager to do this, he spends all the time he can, but doesn’t actually make it before bedtime, so he saves his game. The next morning, Arthur invites Buster over, but can’t use the computer since Mrs. Read is working on it. She tells them they are not allowed to touch it after taking a trip to her office. She says, “I need to run to the office. And don’t touch my computer”. But Arthur is both too anxious and he chooses to play the game anyway. When they come across a treasure chest, and find out it’s the “thing” they were looking for, they get excited by jumping for the computer fighting over the mouse, and inadvertently knocking the keyboard off the desk, causing the screen to go blank. Then, the phone rings. Arthur calls his mom. Mrs. Read says on the phone that she is not going to come back until tonight. Then she asks Arthur if everything is OK. Arthur responds, “Fine. Just great”. D.W whispers to Arthur that Mom can tell if he is lying. Arthur then says “Goodbye” and tells himself that they can fix the computer before Mom comes back home. Since turning the computer off and on again didn’t solve the problem, they run through the manuals looking for a solution. But it turns to be no help. So (after Buster tells the Brain that he can fix anything and suggests they should ask him), Arthur and Buster decide to look for the Brain. They think that he might know the solution. When Arthur and Buster look for the Brain at his house, his mother tells them that he is not home. First they check the library; then they check the museum. After searching for a long time, they finally see him at the pond (skipping rocks at the stream). Everyone goes back to Arthur’s house (Arthur, Buster, and the Brain). At Arthur’s house, the Brain examines the computer. But he turns out to be no help either (he can’t find the problem). And then, as a final resort they go to the computer store asking for a solution to fix it. He explains his problem to the computer expert. Then the computer expert explains how much a house call and hourly fees cost. So because of that, the fees for fixing are too high. Then Arthur says to himself that it might be more birthday money than he ever would see in his whole life. D.W (when clicked on by the user) says, “We’re all doomed! Because now, Mommy is going to lose her job! And we are not going to be able to live in the house! So we all have to live in the cold and on the street! And we’re all going to get pneumonia and probably die! And it’s all your fault, Arthur!”. Then Arthur says, “I’m doomed!”. That evening, Mrs. Read comes home before they can fix it as a result. Arthur is too nervous to talk to her. Then, when Mrs. Read heads to the computer, Arthur gets sick. Then Arthur runs after Mrs. Read. Arthur runs after her, followed by D.W who runs after Arthur. Buster runs home. Later, in the computer room, Arthur desperately tries to keep her away from the computer. Before Mom’s finger is about to hit the power button of the computer, Arthur yells “STOP!”. He says, “I was playing Deep Dark Sea. And the screen went blank! I’m sorry. I wrecked it. It’s all my fault”. He is eventually forced to admit his mistake. Mrs. Read says that it happens to her all the time. Then asks him, “Did you jiggle the switch?”. She jiggles the switch and then the game comes on. Mrs. Read asks Arthur why he didn’t call her in the first place and says that he should always call her with his problems. Arthur says he thought she would be mad. But Mrs. Read says she is disappointed; but not mad. Arthur asks if he is going to get punished and Mrs. Read says “Of course, you did something you weren’t supposed to do”. Then D.W. tells Mrs. Read to make the punishment “really good”. Mrs. Read (to D.W’s comment about making the punishment good) tells Arthur that he can’t play any computer games for a whole week. She says, “No computer games for a week”. Then she tells Arthur to go get ready for bed and then she will be up to say goodnight in a few minutes. But instead of getting back to her work, she ends up trying the game out. When Arthur and D.W. are already for bed, she decides to play Arthur’s game; Deep Dark Sea. Arthur and D.W do as they are told. Then when they call Mom to tuck them in, Mom (who is now playing Arthur’s game; Deep Dark Sea) says “In a minute. The sharks are attacking”. D.W suggests that she and Arthur should tuck themselves in tonight; to which Arthur replies “Good idea”. Mom tells them she will be right up as soon as she blasts the skeletons from the treasure chest. But finally, Arthur and D.W (now they are in bed; as they’ve tucked themselves in) both say “Goodnight” to Mom.


  1. Who came here because they heard the news that the show Arthur has come to an end?
    I remember I used to play this game a lot and it was my favorite along with Little Critter games

  2. I could spend hours on just one page clicking everything

  3. This was my favorite game!!!! I grew up with Arthur. Same grade and all. Sweet nostalgia. Take me back!

  4. I’ve always loved clicking on the lamp pages 2 4 and 14. And he would always get aggravated

  5. I wish this game was made into an app and all of it's activities would be put in it.

  6. OMGGGGGG. Core memory unlocked. 19:30……. this is where I learned the power of beans

  7. The nostalgia omg!!! I remember I would play this almost every week when I was in grade school and now I’m about to graduate from college

  8. Anybody know how to get this game running correctly?

  9. I don’t even know what made me randomly remember this game but I’m so happy I found it 😭

  10. this is a long lost memory that I don't think most people my age can relate to. thank you for this

  11. 어릴때 하던 게임 진짜 오랫동안 찾았었는데 유튜브로 찾아서 좋다

  12. I loved this game and the green eggs and ham pc game so nostalgic <3

  13. I'm 30 now and was in the second grade 99-00 and remember playing this game in my class on those old apple computers

  14. At page two I always laugh at the funniest part one at 8:35, anyone clicks on the anthropomorphic lamp he says.
    1st click: Don't do that.
    Don't click on me again.
    2nd click: You're not listening.
    I said, "Don't do that."
    3rd click: Grr! Now I'm getting really hot.
    4th click: Look, I don't do nothing!
    Go-go click on the bunnies or something.
    Also, at 14:16.
    Click on desk: Whoa, whoa! Whew.
    I was getting seasick.
    At page four, I always laugh at the funniest part two at 20:40.
    5th click: Look, I'm asking u very nicely, please don't click on me.
    6th click: Ow! Hey, don't click me.
    7th click: Quit poking me!
    Just LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
    & he says it again.
    At page fourteen, I always laugh the funniest part three at 1:15:42.
    8th click: Look, I'm a lamp. I turn on, I turn off. This is all I do. So go away!
    9th click: Okay, I beg u!
    Please don't do that anymore.
    10th click: Now you've done it.
    That's it. I'm outta here!
    He leave, open. Get in, close, drive away.
    As he's the cool man sum.
    This is a McDonald's awesome scene.

  15. I used to play this cd-rom game of Arthur a lot at my grandparents house when I was a boy.

  16. Ah this was my childhood game and used to do fun things by pressing random things 😆

  17. About 1:16:12, when I first saw the TV episode upon which this Living Book is based, I thought the reason that Jane forbade Arthur from playing on the computer for a week was because Jane needed the computer for her job and when it had been a week, Jane would no longer need the computer, but upon seeing this Living Book as an actual book, I found out it was actually as a punishment for being on the computer when Arthur was not supposed to be. Did anybody else make the same mistake as I did?

  18. I remember playing this computer game! This was an AWESOME game. This is really nastolgic. I miss the good ole days! This tennis me of my childhood! I wish we could still play the classic old computer games still. It is add it would create viruses. I wish we had a time machine.

  19. It is sad there are no more new episodes of Arthur.

  20. Man the memories. Im 28 now & kids today will never no the joy of point & click games. So much fun.

  21. Como amaba este juego, me mantenía siempre curiosa 😍

  22. I used to play this Arthur computer game as a child Goodbye to my childhood I am so sad

  23. I hope one day they turn these classics into app games ❤

  24. I have finally found it. The deep childhood memory computer game


  26. The 3 years old baby loves this game just like captain gavin.

  27. Arthur's Computer Adventure By Marc Brown. An Arthur Adventure. Narrated By Me.

  28. I miss this game so much! This, Teacher Trouble, and Birthday I used to own were my stress relief. I remember playing these around the early to mid-2000s on the old Gateway computer (now long gone in the landfill). Have such fond memories playing computer games on the PC (along with I Spy) before switching to Mac some years later and I miss those times in the CD-ROM era before the age of apps. I also miss being little and growing up sucks I wish I’d have a time machine 😢

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