Pathfinder 2e For D&D Refugees! A Guide To Starting Pathfinder in 2023!

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Today on The Character Sheet we are taking a break from the insanity of TTRPG and Fantasy news (unless Wizards or The Coast and D&D make ANOTHER OGL repsonse) to bring you a brief guide to getting started making the transition from D&D over to Pathfinder 2nd Edition! If You’ve cancelled your D&D Beyond subscription, all your twitter posts feature #dndbegone , but you aren’t quite sure how to jump into Pathfinder, this is the perfect video for you!

We’ll show you which Pathfinder 2e books you need to get started, the best free resources to help you on your journey, and which adventure paths might be great for starting out with! So escape the OGL drama and find out if Pathfinder 2e is the move for you with our latest video!

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  1. I still think PF1e is the sweet spot. Second edition moved far too close to D&D 5th edition.

  2. There are people who identify as RPGers but also don't understand that 5e DnD is not the only RPG.
    Me: Surprise emoji face!

  3. Played the other version of pathfinder with friends. Suffered through stats drop galor then made a character so annoying gm stripped me of my mount. 200 range bow with plus 23 to hit with 2d8+30+1d6 fire bow but could only shoot once. 7th lv dealing more damage than the man with a golarfied elephant gun next to me

  4. 1990 DnD is satanic
    2022 DnD is racist
    Solution. Do not play DnD. Play a different RPG.😄

  5. Currently in the first third of a curse of strahd campaign with some friends. I am never ever handing over money to WotC or dnd ever again. As soon as we are finished CoS, I will be switching to pf2e, and I'm already hyped!

  6. Nah, man. I will keep on playing DnD with pen and paper and 90% homebrew using just the physical core book I already have as a reference. Also, I'm not sure I'll enjoy the specialist thing where one must be a master of a certain skill to pass a check (since the diff quickly become 30, 40, etc) and therefore automatically fails at skills they're average at. If I understand correctly, if a character has low to average INT, they auto-fail any INT check soon when the game progresses? Is this correct or I misunderstood that part?

  7. I just want to put this in here because of the current climate in the TTRPG space.

    Paizo offering a D&D alternative is absolutely awesome, and we should rally behind that! That being said, we should try to avoid holding this company (or any for that matter) on a pedestal.

    Remember, only a few years back, Paizo was in hot water for employee mistreatment and poor working conditions.

    Even though Paizo isn't a huge company, they are still a company, and the most important thing to a company, as we have learned in explicit detail recently, is the bottom line.

    Play PF2e, enjoy it, and support independent and small creators, but just try not to fall into the "hero worship" that this fandom tends toward again.

  8. I got to be honest… Pathfinder fixed a lot of problems with DnD by causing a load of other problems. No game system is perfect and needs adapting by the DM to suit the group.

  9. Something neglected to be mention in this video (and unfortunately many like it) is that a big difference between the two games is that the numbers in general (especially at high levels) are larger, as many things add their level to rolls. This is a HUGE difference for people coming from a game used to bounded accuracy and frankly creators who neglect to mention this are outright doing those coming from 5e a disservice. It makes a huge difference in the tone of the game as low level monsters that were previously still a threat at mid to high levels are effectively useless for the DM now and anyone trying to make most skill checks at mid to high levels is basically all but wasting their time if they try to do something they aren't trained in (if the game will let them do at all). This is NOT just a simple change to the game and is DEFINITELY a big con to some people who like the smaller numbers bounded accuracy keeps. And as someone who frankly thinks that that was the single greatest change from precious editions for 5e, I am NOT a fan of the bloated numbers of PF2E. Food for thought for people considering switching.

  10. As someone who's only been in the hobby a couple of years I'd not encountered pathfinder yet. It astounds me how much more fleshed out it is, it's like D&D is a barebones version of pathfinder, rather than the actual way pathfinder came to be.

  11. Pathfinder 2e is becoming woke hipster trash I think I'll go somewhere else or just continue to play d&d OSR and 3.5 where Wizards and Hasbro's makes zero money from

  12. Why jump from one crappy system to a other? There are hundreds of better systems out there than D&D

  13. Currently have a group trying to get into Pathfinder, so this is a save and grace.

  14. By June 90% of you will have gone back to 5e and regretted ever leaving.

  15. My biggest problem with pathfinder is not that I am prevented from playing without buying a book, it's that I absolutely love books, I NEED it and can't get it around here. It's apparently sold out in my COUNTRY. Sheesh… guess I might have to order one from Paizo directly and hope they still have 'em.

  16. Where do you get that shift "D&D BEGONE"? That is clever and I want one! Liked and subbed for your content!

  17. Please define crunchy. I have heard at least three people use this term about different systems. All I have pieced together from context is "complicated rules." Am I off base? More than that?

  18. My biggest question about running Pathfinder 2e is how monsters are run effectively. I saw that many of them have multiple feats but are then not described. Do other DMs look these up all the time and won't that slow down the pace of the game?

  19. Why did we get a different voice narrarating half way through? That really boggled me haha

  20. Has/Wotc. Have given it to Paizo 😁. I'll be certainly be giving Pathfinder a try now, I hope you guys, will too. After all we're not cash cows simply to be milked! 😠😠😠😠, & give D&d Has/Wot. the proverbial, V. Sign 😁🤣🤣🤣🤣!

  21. A couple of small clarifications…
    There are no skill points to spend in second edition. Instead, it's all about proficiency, which is based on a bonus from rank, plus character level as long as you are at least trained in the skill. So your bonus for trained skills increases every level. On top of that, you get to increase your proficiency rank based on your class (EX rogues get a single increase every level, other classes may get them at odd levels).
    Very few of the older Adventure Paths went to 20th level. I believe that all of the six-part ones for 2nd ed do. This is because the system is more balanced and playable at high levels than 1st edition was. They also have started making 3-part AP's, some going from 1st-10th, others from 11th-20th.

  22. Pathbuilder not Nexus! Why would you waste money on another DnD Beyond type thing that locks you behind a digital paywall

  23. Let’s not call them refugees. They’re not fleeing death or oppression. They’re fellow gamers. Welcome, fellow gamers!

  24. I really need to try 2e sometime, I just stick with 1e.

  25. the asylum from predatory licensing scheme from Hasbro and Wotc

  26. Cheapest TTRPG? I don’t think so. There are many free CC licensed RPG out there that are arguably better than 5e or similar rules havy games.

  27. So, like many others, I'm a 5e refugee from the whole WOTC/Hasboro shit storm, and I've been looking into pathfinder quite a bit over the past week and I have to say what I'm seeing is making me excited to transition to Pathfinder 2e! I've already unsubscribed from D&D beyond and I don't think I'll be looking back, regardless of what WOTC decides to change about their new OGL. I'm fully on board with The ORC License Alliance!

  28. Is there a guide for going from 3.5e to PF 1e?

  29. Well I try to get my hand on a core rule book… But boy in Germany they are mostly sold out my copy will arrive around the end of February

  30. Props to Doctor Who reference❤❤

  31. Please add bookmarks throughout video so I can skip to the information.

  32. I'm still working on my homebrew Western/Fantasy world Di'er into the Pathfinder system.

  33. What sold Pathfinder 2e to me was the ability to be a Necromancy Bard

    You have no idea how appealing the idea of summoning skeletons to the tune of Megalovania is to me

  34. I've already sunk a lot of money and time into D&D… but I can't happily continue on. I'll finish the campaigns I'm already in or DMing, but I will support Pathfinder from now on. It seems like they care.

  35. I enjoy pathfinder 2e but it’s so much more difficult to jump into than 5e. It’s way crunchier and thus less accessible to new players (ie ones who spend money at stores usually). That is it’s major hurdle.

  36. When they will hit their third TPK in a module, most of those people will be back to D&D. Let face it. 5e players and GM are not ready to the tactical complexity of pathfinder.

  37. have been playing pf1 myself for years. im even dming a campaign, my second one. pf1 is a great system and there is soooo much material for it released that is hard to come up with an original idea that hasnt been already done before. i say all of this because this video covers the how, but i think that it leaves the why behind a little. the why is very important and i just wanted to say that pf1 and pf2 are systems that have a lot of customizations for both players and dms, but do so in a way that is very easy for both. is actually a very good system, give it a try, not because wotc is trying to scam you, but because is actually probably a better system in the first place.

  38. What i would like to know: what kind of rpg is pathfinder? Is it a dungeon crawler? Because it seems like one. If i have players who want to do exploration and social interactions over combat, is this still a system worth trying?

  39. Question:
    I am thinking of converting my World and future campaign to Pf2e from DnD. But a huge part of this world is, that there are dragons hidden all around the world. Either just hidden from the eyes of men, or hidden in human form among them. For example, the immortal emperor is actually a gold dragon who goes way too far with punishing crime. Now to the question: Is there a mechanical way in Pf2e for the dragons to have human forms? Looking at the sheets for the dragons, I don't see inherit shapeshifting (or at least non-duration ones) like in 5e. I am always up to homebrew, but prefer it to stick to the rules whenever I can.

  40. Thanks for the helpful video! I've been running a 5e game for years that I'd now like to migrate, and Pathfinder seems like the perfect evolution for it!

  41. After this video I'm now sure will not switch to Pathfinder. I chose system already, but if we play DnD will homebrew the 3 actions (that is nice) and remove the opportunity attack as the example above (maybe special creatures or higher lv monsters will have it. The other things appear same stuff.

  42. I've only played the video Games of Pathfinder Kingmaker and Wrath Of The Righteous(Finished both, loved it, reminded me of NWN1&2). But the amount of math, bonuses, penalties, feats and myriad of class features you have to keep track of was mind boggling even for a video game where its all spelled out and pre calculated for you. I legitimately can't imagine even attempting to play that as a TTRPG, just looking at it is intimidating and reminds me of the horror stories of D&D's 4E.

  43. Play 1st edition D&D.

    Play the game made by the creators of D&D rather than later editions made by people who are destroying D&D.

  44. First, Blizzard with WoW and now WotC with DnD. The is truly the Great (TTRPG) Diaspora of 2023!

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