Pathfinder 2e For D&D Refugees! A Guide To Starting Pathfinder in 2023!

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Today on The Character Sheet we are taking a break from the insanity of TTRPG and Fantasy news (unless Wizards or The Coast and D&D make ANOTHER OGL repsonse) to bring you a brief guide to getting started making the transition from D&D over to Pathfinder 2nd Edition! If You’ve cancelled your D&D Beyond subscription, all your twitter posts feature #dndbegone , but you aren’t quite sure how to jump into Pathfinder, this is the perfect video for you!

We’ll show you which Pathfinder 2e books you need to get started, the best free resources to help you on your journey, and which adventure paths might be great for starting out with! So escape the OGL drama and find out if Pathfinder 2e is the move for you with our latest video!

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  1. I'm still working on my homebrew Western/Fantasy world Di'er into the Pathfinder system.

  2. What sold Pathfinder 2e to me was the ability to be a Necromancy Bard

    You have no idea how appealing the idea of summoning skeletons to the tune of Megalovania is to me

  3. I've already sunk a lot of money and time into D&D… but I can't happily continue on. I'll finish the campaigns I'm already in or DMing, but I will support Pathfinder from now on. It seems like they care.

  4. I enjoy pathfinder 2e but it’s so much more difficult to jump into than 5e. It’s way crunchier and thus less accessible to new players (ie ones who spend money at stores usually). That is it’s major hurdle.

  5. When they will hit their third TPK in a module, most of those people will be back to D&D. Let face it. 5e players and GM are not ready to the tactical complexity of pathfinder.

  6. have been playing pf1 myself for years. im even dming a campaign, my second one. pf1 is a great system and there is soooo much material for it released that is hard to come up with an original idea that hasnt been already done before. i say all of this because this video covers the how, but i think that it leaves the why behind a little. the why is very important and i just wanted to say that pf1 and pf2 are systems that have a lot of customizations for both players and dms, but do so in a way that is very easy for both. is actually a very good system, give it a try, not because wotc is trying to scam you, but because is actually probably a better system in the first place.

  7. What i would like to know: what kind of rpg is pathfinder? Is it a dungeon crawler? Because it seems like one. If i have players who want to do exploration and social interactions over combat, is this still a system worth trying?

  8. Question:
    I am thinking of converting my World and future campaign to Pf2e from DnD. But a huge part of this world is, that there are dragons hidden all around the world. Either just hidden from the eyes of men, or hidden in human form among them. For example, the immortal emperor is actually a gold dragon who goes way too far with punishing crime. Now to the question: Is there a mechanical way in Pf2e for the dragons to have human forms? Looking at the sheets for the dragons, I don't see inherit shapeshifting (or at least non-duration ones) like in 5e. I am always up to homebrew, but prefer it to stick to the rules whenever I can.

  9. Thanks for the helpful video! I've been running a 5e game for years that I'd now like to migrate, and Pathfinder seems like the perfect evolution for it!

  10. After this video I'm now sure will not switch to Pathfinder. I chose system already, but if we play DnD will homebrew the 3 actions (that is nice) and remove the opportunity attack as the example above (maybe special creatures or higher lv monsters will have it. The other things appear same stuff.

  11. I've only played the video Games of Pathfinder Kingmaker and Wrath Of The Righteous(Finished both, loved it, reminded me of NWN1&2). But the amount of math, bonuses, penalties, feats and myriad of class features you have to keep track of was mind boggling even for a video game where its all spelled out and pre calculated for you. I legitimately can't imagine even attempting to play that as a TTRPG, just looking at it is intimidating and reminds me of the horror stories of D&D's 4E.

  12. Play 1st edition D&D.

    Play the game made by the creators of D&D rather than later editions made by people who are destroying D&D.

  13. First, Blizzard with WoW and now WotC with DnD. The is truly the Great (TTRPG) Diaspora of 2023!

  14. Always exciting to see stuff about Pathfinder. . . until you remember that 2e exists and apparently actually has advocates.

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