Oz: The Magical Adventure

Oz: The Magical Adventure PC Game by DK (Dorling Kindersley), 2000


  1. This was a wonderful nostalgia trip to a lot of us, thank you so much ❤️

  2. this is super nostalgic but i dont like the person getting it right every time the audio tracks when you get it wrong are the most nostalgic part

  3. can someone please knows somewhere to download this game for windows 10??

  4. I’ve never played this game before. I’ve never even had it

  5. Hhahah why was I obsessed with the juice part

  6. Anybody knows the name of a game where you were in a house and you could go to the basement and investigate some things. It was really strange

  7. This has summoned new memories for me that I didn't remember 👁👄👁

  8. I wanted to play this game so bad as a kid but could never play it long enough at school

  9. It's funny how I remember every single one of these

  10. 0:13 that is the greatest name for a game company I have ever seen. Did they make anything else?

  11. Bruh my dad use to burn these CDs from the library and bring the copies home for me to play 😭

  12. I fill so old right know. I played that game in loop when I was kid. however, I won't complay about the old graphism but the noise of that pingui …

  13. Last time I even seen this was when I played the game and my nana was around.. I miss her

  14. Where to find this game.? I so wanna play it again. 😭😭😭😭 It brings back my childhood and wanna go back

  15. Many thanks from Russia!!! Can't thank you enough for this piece of my childhood! There is no (at all) info about this game in russian internet and I can't believe, I finally see it!)))))
    Люди из России? Есть здесь кто?

  16. holy shit never thought id find this again lol

  17. I haven't played this in years and it feels like a fever dream. Brought bk hazy memories I forgot I had like the dk logo the book the level select plaques the juice game the pipe game the spinning flowers game the frog mushroom game the penguin game the hummingbirds the gate planks the mine the jewel crest the stairs and the melting witch. I feel like a kid again. I laughed at the Venus flytraps like I used to as a kid. I recognise 95% of it. Ngl it's like a psychedelic trip. It feels strange cos I have a shite memory but this brought me back to happier times.

    Ps does anyone remember 3 little pigs game from same year? Another classic

  18. Omg this is still ingrained in my head to this day

  19. Pure nostalgia you made me happy btw do you know how can I play this game again?

  20. I had a dream about this game last night, I hadn't thought about it in years! It almost felt like my imagination. Thanks for posting this! <3

  21. 40:12 Vito Sabia: Oh yeah you wicked old witch? How about this?!!

  22. The sound design on this game was honestly so iconic considering it’s a kids game from the 2000

  23. I remember playing that game as a kid


    I remember playing this in 1st grade! One of the things that really stuck with me are the sounds. It really brings back memories of my surroundings while I was playing it. We would go to the computer lab with rows and rows of iMacs.


  26. Omg the memories that come flooding back. Sat on the computer at my grandparents for hours playing through this game over and over I absolutely loved it. I have got it from my grandparents and hope I can get it working again so I can take a stroll down memory lane.

  27. I played this SO MANY times as a kid. Amazing how many memories instantly flooded back. Found myself quoting along. Also the sound effects were PURE nostalgia.

  28. I was searching for this game and as soon as I saw the DK logo I instantly recognized it. So much nostalgia

  29. I had to struggle to find this. I played this so much when I was a kid. I loved every second of this video.

  30. Conde Sushorro Seborro Valderrama El Porrero says:

    I take this game to drive J

  31. Everyone is scary especially the tin man who is my favorite character

  32. On time 2:24 the scarecrow is cursed really he gives me anxiety and nightmares

  33. i know im like 5 years late to this party lol but ive been trying to get this to run on windows 10 for 1.5 years do you have any advice for me to cause it seems like you got it running good i would love some advice thank you have a good day

  34. I always found it funny how the trio get to explore Oz, play games and be enchanted by the wonderful world around them

    And Dorothy, who has never been to Oz before, has to stay in a cell for the whole adventure. Poor girl got ripped off 😂

  35. I can’t believe there is actual gameplay of this game from my childhood! Nostalgia right here!

  36. When I was a small kid with a very low graphics PC in the late 90s this was the game

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