Noob VS Adventure Simulator

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Noob VS Adventure Simulator
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  1. Can you start linking the games in the description

  2. no way bro thank you so much for playing this. one of my good friends made this and we really appreciate it

  3. Gravy can u plz give the link of the game and i love ur vids gravy very cool

  4. We should be beating slenders and not noobs

  5. The best weapon in the world is dun dun dun duuuuuun a spork XD

  6. You’re dumb you couldn’t spend that on your sword

  7. Your videos are trash even on pet simulator X I got 55 storm agonist

  8. What is stupid guy you are just spend your Roblox on pet simulator Rex because I got so much huge pets I got 55 huge Santa Pause

  9. I got more huge pets than you I’m the richest player in the entire world and also saying I’m spider man

  10. I'm early
    Gravy cat man can you pls play anime punching simulate again pls it updated soooo much

  11. I just play yesterday guess I recommend gravy play this

  12. BRO YOUR GAME IS FUN AKA Bigman-Simulator And please make a Video of you Rebirthing again!

  13. 33 minutes ago i comment 😄 i hope u had so much subscriber gravy 😄😄

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