Nintendo Switch Online Gets A HUGE New Feature!

RGT 85
The quest for a better Nintendo Switch Online experience seems to be something that Nintendo is finally taking seriously!


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  1. Lol you are one creepy Nintendo butterball.

  2. Ahhh crap. Tomorrow's title will be "Gigantic Switch 2/Switch Pro Confirmed". Calling it.

  3. It’s is most definitely a step in the right direction! You toke the words out my mouth.

  4. You should probably start saying kanichiwa, no?

  5. The rewards I want from Nintendo is what Microsoft rewards does no one beats xbox or will the same as xbox Nintendo points I only like is the gold points they expire in a year PlayStation expires ever 5 years so you get 4 years more then Nintendo and xbox they never expire you can pack up you points as achievements that stay with you forever or use them for something you really want to buy pay nothing xbox is the best PlayStation had rewards first I had their PlayStation visa for a lot of years I just don’t care about them anymore as I used to in the beginning it was 10 points if you use your credit card in the PlayStation store then they changed it to 5 points

  6. Heck yeah! Got my Limited Run copy of Republique. Underrated game indeed. Cheers.
    Nice touch on the Nintendo rewards too.

  7. Man, why do you look like Dread hit 3mil? You good bro?

  8. what is that "Republic" game on Switch? i cant find it anywhere? where can i find it or do i write the name wrong?

  9. There was physical items on the Wii U and forced everyone to burn your coins

  10. An actual achievement systems such a missed opportunity. Wish they had gotten on board. Botw would of been huge for achievement hunters

  11. Valve is here so nintendo start to shake a little

  12. What Spanish girl u been messing with that has u starting all your videos with buenos Dias lol

  13. It is better than nothing but it is still pretty lame. You have to grind games you may not want to, to change a profile pic!
    Just give us proper achievements and online voice chat through the console and not some app.

  14. It's cool that you don't CRY about not being a Nintendo Ambassador like certain people do. *cough…Wood from beatemups…cough*

  15. This is as huge as their acquisition….

    Huge as an ant

  16. Look out for themes coming soon to the switch looking forward for that to show up

  17. Nintendo 👏🏽 give 👏🏽 us 👏🏽 voice chat 👏🏽 or 👏🏽 discord compatibility 👏🏽

  18. Platinum Coins are worthless. I doubt that will ever change.

  19. They need to fix the online store… It just sucks!! It's so slow to maneuver!

  20. sees an RGT video about news I know literally everything about already
    Yeah I’m about to watch this joint

  21. Ima be real witcha…..'THEMES'…… thats is all

  22. i would not say the new feature is huge but it is a feature.

  23. For the people who say bad stuff about rgt85 then stop watching. No one makes you!!!

  24. Don’t worry Shaun, good internet, bad internet I still love your shows!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Perhaps stop using the word HUGE so much…

  26. I just hate how Nintendo subtracts your hard earned coins after a month.

  27. I still miss the cool stuff you could get from Club Nintendo back in the day.

  28. Have you ever apologized to Scott for stealing his into?

  29. Themes. They should introduce themes in the rewards section!

  30. I don’t mind the platinum point digital rewards. Hey, it’s free stuff!

  31. hmm… im kind of surprised its not something you can fix yourself… or is it in the network or satellite signal???

  32. Thought it was trophies cheevos lol nope. 2022 still cant send a private message

  33. I love the idea of accomplishments. I have so much fun trying to get trophies on PlayStation and I had always hoped for something similar on Switch.

  34. You act like this is new…. it's just the same damn coins nothing new

  35. I have a Cat Mario keychain for Super Mario 3D World that I love! Loving this new direction! Keep it up Nintendo!

  36. Thanks RGT you made me realize I didn’t have Zelda Picross on my 3DS when I went to redeem points.

  37. Nice informative video as always! The internet people are the real hero homies we all need.

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