Nintendo Switch Online Gets A HUGE New Feature!

RGT 85
The quest for a better Nintendo Switch Online experience seems to be something that Nintendo is finally taking seriously!


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  1. If anyone loves My Nintendo feel free to click my face. Lol.

  2. Xbox 360 used to give you profile pictures and items when getting achievements

  3. Hmmmm go on nintendo, keep going. I canceled NSO but keep adding incentives to win me back

  4. Not impress still thanks for the video , nintendo just dont cut it anymore!!!

  5. Players: We wanted themes for the longest!
    Nintendo: Sure, here's icons!

  6. Does anyone know if you will get the points for beating the game prior to this update?

  7. Hiii . love you rtg , alway good content , thanks for your work !🔥🔥👍

  8. Just received my Atari VCS, and with PC mode very impressed. Turned the Nintendo Switch to OFF. Atari VCS is where it’s at. Atari is back !

  9. I use a Mii of myself as my main icon, but it's nice to have options for extra profiles.

  10. Ooooooooo icons… Me likey!!! Lol

    J/k – cut the crap, Nintendo! Nobody cares about this! Give us the snes and nes games that we want and stop being a stingey douche

  11. Well I got some great news for ya, your video uploaded! Just thought I'd let ya know.

  12. It’s about time Nintendo added missions and rewards on the Switch. However, it makes sense that they added them now since the days of the Wii U and 3DS eShop missions are counted.

  13. I was really hoping this would be like game achievements and not this. You know like every other platform. Gives games replay ability. That would be better then this

  14. Change your logo.I luu u but you politifally correct?.??? Book!

  15. Just to note the reason they haven't announced the next N64 game yet is because Nintendo in general has gone dark on social media due to certain world events. There's likely still one game a month.

    You can check for yourself when they last tweeted, and how it lines up.

  16. Hey Shawn, bring back your classic RGT85 intros man! OMG its…. well you know and that awesome music only this time with some bass!!!

  17. will it finally update all installed Switch games on your switch automatically, insteadd of only the 10 recently used applications/games?
    No? Then I'm not interested.

  18. Keep it up with the physical rewards Nintendo!!!!!

  19. Your hilarious and love what your doing. But just look at a pic of a decent stash and go from there. You can do it!!!!!

  20. Switch getting 2d versions of VR games is really trash

  21. I’m really excited about this!!! I hope we finally get main menu themes!!!!

  22. Cool vid RGT 85.

    Republique is a very good Game guys and yh I thought the Digital Version was already on the Switch lol.

    I'm not really into chasing Rewards etc but if can get afew Rewards now and again naturally just Playing my Games, then that's neat, can't remember the last time I used Platinum Coins but if you have Gold Coins tho guys, use then on Purchasing Games on the eShop.

  23. So I guess this means the Switch finally has a achievement/trophy system?

  24. Hmm. Missions and rewards. Sounds like xbox and their quests and rewards lol.

  25. In the thumbnail it looks like someone punched off your mustaches

  26. Yep another useless feature in my mind

  27. I guess the icons are okay, but I just use my mii

  28. Rg be like I love nintendo so much!!! You know what nintendo did today guys?? I hate nintendo!!! Don't worry rg I'm right there with you lol me and nintendo have a love hate relationship she's like the ex girlfriend you just can't get rid of that just pops right back up a
    And saying she got something new for yah…..but wait there's more

  29. BRO – You need to get a fiber connection. Don't let that electromagnetic interference interrupt your day job with copper wires, it's all bout them glass tubes, fiber!

  30. So I'll say this straight up. I've always hated how barebones the Switch features have been, coming off of the amazing features in the Wii U and 3DS. I also hate the closure of legacy eShop, despite it making sense.

    That being said, I love how much better they're new consolidated store site is, and I love that they're doing fun customization options in finally. It's something I used a lot on 3DS and I welcome it back.

  31. I finally got use to your mug, so I guess I'll sub.

  32. I'd prefer in-game achievements instead of the new reward system, here's an example it's like unlocking this seriously pictures in the original Gears of War game after you get 10,000 kills like you're just not going to change that picture after that like I'm not going to constantly change my gamer picture because usually when I pick it I like it and it stays that way so people can identify me

  33. Republique: Anniversary Edition is actually one of the only Switch games I own. I still don't have a Nintendo Switch, but I have four Switch games [five if you count the download code for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light] for when I finally do get one. Said four are all by Limited Run Games. I actually contacted them about Republique a few months ago, because their website said it would ship in November, and the month came and went with no shipping email. Because of this, and no eShop listing, I contacted Limited Run about it, asking if things were allright at the studio, they said they couldn't say. I meant to contact the studio as they suggested but I forgot. A couple months later, the cartridge arrived. There was still no eShop listing as far as I could tell, but though odd, I didn't think much else of it until now.

  34. Man they should let us buy nintendo 64 games to own and play them when ever not on a service. They should let buy any of the games on the service.

  35. Nintendo when it comes to voice chat: dOn'T yOu gUyS hAvE pHoNeS??!!

  36. Some “missions”. One is just literally “play Super Mario Bros”

  37. Platinum points are dumb I rather get gold points that stands for money Nintendo can’t afford to give gold points away until you buy a game from them that’s the only way Microsoft rewards is the best I have over $600 now the subscription ultimate game pass is amazing you really get free games free hardware free movies and games with xbox Nintendo and PlayStation are afraid to give points

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