Nintendo Direct 6.18.2024 – Nintendo Switch

Nintendo of America
A Nintendo Direct is on the way! Watch the livestream starting at 7:00 AM PT on 6/18 for around 40 minutes focused on Nintendo Switch games coming in the second half of 2024. There will be no mention of the Nintendo Switch successor during this presentation.

00:00 – Intro
00:16 – Mario & Luigi: Brothership
03:03 – Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition
04:25 – FAIRY TAIL 2
05:22 – FANTASIAN Neo Dimension
06:37 – Nintendo Switch Sports
07:37 – MIO: Memories in Orbit
08:44 – Disney Illusion Island
09:15 – Hello Kitty Island Adventure
09:48 – Looney Tunes: Wacky World of Sports
10:22 – Among Us
10:48 – Farmagia
12:04 – Donkey Kong Country Returns HD
13:46 – DRAGON QUEST III HD-2D Remake
16:58 – Funko Fusion
18:03 – Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD
19:41 – Darkest Dungeon II
20:16 – Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack
21:30 – Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero
22:46 – MARVEL vs. CAPCOM Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics
23:50 – Super Mario Party Jamboree
26:16 – The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom
31:21 – Just Dance 2025 Edition
32:26 – LEGO Horizon Adventures
33:36 – Stray
34:56 – Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of the Rings™ Game
35:54 – Ace Attorney Investigations Collection
37:03 – The Hundred Line – Last Defense Academy –
38:35 – Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven
40:17 – Metroid Prime 4: Beyond

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  1. NOOOO!! Still no Twilight Princess/Wind waker port???? NINTENDO IM BEGGING ON MY KNEES 😭😭😭😭😭

  2. 25:10 “joycon controller” 😑 so once again it only accepts joycons?

  3. i don’t play tears of the kingdom” “butters i thought you were always on your switch” “yeah but i’m playin hello kitty island adventure”

  4. Please read comment of @Popedishsoap for the timestamps

  5. I can’t wait for the legend of link cries to sleep because no twilight princess port

  6. Can you guys make more animal crossing content please :3

  7. They should have made the Rainbow Galleria board in Super Mario Party Jamboree just be coconut mall.

  8. Pretty insane how we got a Super Mario RPG remake, a Paper Mario TTYD remake, and a new Mario and Luigi game in the span of a year.

  9. not gonna lie they FLOPPED by not calling that one mario party level "Coconut mall" at 24:20

  10. Can anyone tell me what I need to play Four Swords???

  11. Zelda with her new powers " stay away from me!" Monster " where did you get that piano?" clunk and crunch of piano

  12. I would call you a liar if you told me Metroid at the end wasn't running on Switch 2

  13. yk.. the new titles look neat but in the past few years i been noticing a lot of focus in remaking and older titles, just lot of nostalgia farming, its good for nostalgia yeah but the new things end up lacking a lot, tho i guess it less time consuming making a old game remaster and charging full price than one from 0, still i hope it changes eventually or else the future will be remakes from remastereds from remakes xd

  14. Finally something similar to the superstar saga of mario and Luigi enjoying it back in the day

  15. nintendo switch please release a remake of paper mario sticker star

  16. ATTENTION NINTENDO FANS! Yesterday, March 19, 2024, Grummz, Melonie Mac, and other prominent figures on Twitter X shared information that Metroid Prime 4 will be "woke." Megan Fausti, writer of Star Wars Fallen Order, is involved in the story of Metroid Prime 4, which opens the door to more development staff being ideologically aligned with political correctness and transgender agendas. Expect "woke" elements everywhere and a very easy game (for new, non-existent audiences).

  17. Yo this was actually really good. These games are mostly hold overs. The type you would have on the 3ds. But they are fantastic. There are major hitters here too. Metroid Prime 4 Beyond Is the Swan Song to the first switch. I'm convinced it will release on both around the launch of the next switch. And Looking at it here it deserves to be THE crossgen game!

  18. Let's just make everything a dang RPG.

  19. The direct is good, but one thing I didn't like is that on the RPG games, they all have the same art style. That makes playing those games boring. It feels like you are looking at the same thing even though they are different games. NINTENDO really need to change up their art styles for many of these games. With that said, I'm going to wait on the Switch 2. I'm not buying anything until the next console releases.

  20. Now this is an actual legend of Zelda! Also, I may try doing the Geno-centered game myself, since he didn't get the same treatment as Snufkin.

    Oh, and I gotta fix the recent Mario Party installments!

  21. If the game was called “The Legend of Link”, then for short it would be Lol 😪
    Poor Link😪

  22. I love the slight celshaded look of mario and luigi. It's just subtle enough for it to not draw attention to itself but bold enough for it to slightly alter the look of the Mario franchise

  23. Man finally knowing it’s just a matter of time before Metroid prime 4 comes out is sum else. Brought tears to me eyes. They gonna do it right we have faith in you Nintendo, y’all been cooking

  24. I thought the Metroids were extinct.

  25. Bro dragon quest hd2d, I need Pokemon in that style please

  26. Tell you what. There's a real crispness to these games visuals. Almost all of them. It's like they're really pushing the switch 1 final time

  27. “That was Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, after a very long time we’re finally ready to share more about this title”. Dude they forgot that’s all. They forgot and remembered. Ever since (again the main antagonist of their biggest franchise) became president of America this era of Nintendo is just disappointing and laziness imo.

  28. Fairy Tail 2 is a real time RPG😢THANK YOU!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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  30. I'm disappointed no pokemon legends A-Z or pokemon for gba virtual console switch

  31. Maak nog een nieuwe peper Mario spel alstublieft? 🥹

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