NEW Free To Play Monster Taming Action Adventure Game is Here! | Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown

Gym Leader Ed
Let’s check it out. Looks pretty promising, but I’m going to remain skeptical, since it’s free to play

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  1. Love your videos! Hope you can make content on YW when it comes to the west again 😎

  2. Apparent fina is in to some kinky shite like bangin beastys and she'd a masochist apparently insert jack sparrow alo beasty insert fina seductively heloooooo beasty

  3. im definitely gonna name one of those fire dragons ratha

  4. Be better if you didn't have to use the mount for combat that kind of ruins it…For me anyway! Seems decent for a time killer if nothing else while genshin is between

  5. this is a beautiful game, i agree on the dialogue its a bit off-putting and i wish instead of having to collect characters you had a more customizable main character and dialogue decisions as i dont enjoy being railroaded in games, they could have just used training suits instead of characters and it wouldn't lose any flavor

  6. Action combat is the only type of control that should be allowed in the gaming world!

  7. tried the game out. love the graphics, but hated the fact that I could only use one monster I caught. the machines are cool. just there is something missing.

  8. Oh god I am so late to finding this game and yet I’m already addicted.
    I love the gameplay loop and the cross breeding is so fun but I didn’t read how it worked properly and lost all the mons you get at that point :/
    But now my cross bred army is getting bigger and stronger by the hour!

  9. i knew it was only a matter of time before Ed found this game. i was thinking of making a video on it myself but i've just been to busy with life atm. glad to see you're liking it tho 👍

  10. This just looks like a cringe gacha game no? Is it a phone game or something?…

  11. looks great but im the rare one that like to play as a male char in my fantasy games thx for share

  12. Yknow i wanna become evil in this game but the game wont let me 😉

  13. Might have to change the game name from Volzerk to Vorezerk they keep this up xD

  14. Is there a way to download this without steam


  16. are you playing it on console because i only see it available for pc and mobile

  17. meeeh this game is so good looking and monster tamers are always fun… i dont even mind the mainchar being a weirdo but why make it all wifu with ass weird conversations…

  18. Ah yes this gams is fun and i really like combat and monster breading system but i don't know what the writer of this game do, but the MC she is fucking lunatic lmao ,, i remember when i just found 4* monster she is fucking losing it lmao like holy …

  19. Always wondered why someone hasn't come in and given us a new console monster collecting game. Why is Pokemon the only people to really do it. Just seems like such a waste of such a popular game category.

  20. Game looks cool but i couldnt get into it, combat too simple. I cant take button mashing seriously now.

  21. Need digimon game like this.. good combat system

  22. The crazy thing is this game has almost no meaningful p2w aspects other than unlocking rarer monsters to breed. I think you need to play this game until chapter 5 to really see its beauty

  23. The REAL question is: "If Volzerk was female, would we still be hunting for dragon's balls??"

  24. Ill start playing this game this weekend, downloading it later

  25. DON'T PLAY THIS. CLASSIC GACHA F2P P2Win game. Makes you think it's F2P friendly at first, but very soon you realize it's limited.

  26. At first I didn't see too much of Genshin Impact in this game but then I saw the amount of child-looking girls and weird fetish stuff and yep it checks out, Genshin Impact is on the list of inspirations

  27. That piece of the monster inside messed Fina up.

  28. Find a new game this one is a cash grab and just odd. 😅

  29. You should have called her Edwina, lol. Then you have Ed in there and her name in a way, lol

  30. hey bro i watch all your videos. i can't remember the name but i remember you showed us a game or idk honestly if it was here that you talked about a game that was a mmorpg with a tcg in game. you collect cards as you pass and battle other players in card games.

  31. 👎😡 This is too much and too abusive for women empowerment, this game promotes, MASCULINE DISCRIMINATION and PERVERTED MINDSET among WOMEN!

  32. Looks great but wish you could choose your own gender or customise the character abit

  33. can someone help me im stuck in the game at the scout part it keeps kicking me
    saying communication error code = 5 can i have help pls

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