New Adventure! 5# (By: Royal Games)

Bob Tabs
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  1. Eztis vártam mondom én mindent várok 😁😁😁

  2. Az a jó folyamatosan beakadnak a karakterek pl 1:07 és 1: 38 😄😄😄

  3. 0:21
    The first man : Don’t worry, i got this !
    The first man : i don’t got this

  4. Fool, the reason the samurai froze was the monk.

  5. Can you do a me as Shogun versus every unit

  6. 4:07 how to dodge a double edge axe for first make your skin slippery done!

  7. 0:47 look at the shadow it look like a horror movie and the spear thrower got stab by unknown man.

  8. eres un tonto disparando es la verdad y no soy geiter

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