My Next Big Adventure Begins on the Greatest Map! – ARK Fjordur [Episode 1]

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My Next Big Adventure Begins on the Greatest Map! – ARK Fjordur [Episode 1]
W/ SYNTAC #Dinosaurs #arkfjordur

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The Fjordur Series is a Syntac Adventure on the new Nordic map in ARK Survival Evolved. In this series Syntac will journey throughout Fjordur and its many Realms (Vanaheimr, Jotunheimr and Asgard) and encounter new beasts such as the Fjordhawk, Andrewsarchus, Desmodus Draculae and the Legendary Wolf Fenrir!


  1. I wonder if there is a reason why he is still using S+ over SS(Super Structures), because S+ is outdated since 1 year and SS has more stuff

    But one thing i dont like about SS, there is no option to turn the sound back on, from things like generator or so

  2. I think the reason y u might like rag so much is the fact of what kind of new stuff and ideas it really realesed great new ideas u don't see in center or island like castles wild crops using shear size to be able to give room for more beauty and cool base ideas it just dropped all these concepts and executed it very well

  3. tiny lil tip if you have a pt you can get a deinonichous really easily

  4. This mf did not just make a Steve Irwin joke

  5. When I was going through the boxes for me In total of a single ship I had 20 hachets

  6. what settings do u use also how are you not in single player?

  7. DID i just see minecraft in ARK survival ,And thats why u watch syntac.

  8. Someone on Dododex said that there are Reapers on Fjordur? Idk if they were talking about the Modded map or the actual map so idk
    You should check it out

  9. im just starting this series and i am scrolling through the playlist to see the titles and i know its gonna be a disaster

  10. Completly miss the Minecraft skill to reach High position. Amazing. Are u hype for Ark 2 gameplay trailer?

  11. Idk I'd it's a good or bad thing to have Nothing spawn near you… bad news is you don't get hide, good news is no big monster spawn kills you….

  12. Syntac asks people if they are troubled at home and really its him

  13. The andrewsarchus are surprisingly good swimmers

  14. hey does anyone know his setting trying to set up an ark that plays like this one

  15. No manta you can't do that I'm not Australian

  16. Hey Syntac what is the name of mod that show time and Day in left upper corner?

  17. what the best definition to ark go to more playfull?

  18. I remember when i saw your first 100 days video, i had never seen ark gameplay before, and now i'm following in your footsteps and i now have tek tier on fjordur.

  19. We can honestly agree that some of us are so happy of this map cuz of the dinos

  20. When you died to the manta and the slight "I'm not Australian!!! No!" 💀💀💀💀

  21. There is a memorial with a gallimimus with syntac's name on it

  22. Try to survive. Put some stats into movement speed in the early game

  23. Lol I wish I watched this earlier my brain was convinced there were no evil whales… there are found that out on a raft lol

  24. Bro I love your videos they are the best!!!!!

  25. I like all the ark maps but my fav has to be crystal isles

  26. Your content has been very entertaining and helpful and I really appreciate the hard work you put into these videos

  27. 🎉❤🎂🍰🥂🤑🤩😺💚💛🧡❤️💙🤍🐊🦖🦕🐍🌋🔫🎮🏁🏳️🏴🏳️

  28. weird. We cant view the steam file for the rates anymore. Why did you not just copy/paste them in the description like a logical normal person would of?

  29. syntac how do you fast teleportatie work om ps4

  30. Thank you so much for showing those rates I needed the tombstone mod, If I didn't have the mod I wouldn't be typing this message.

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