My FIRST Time Playing JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure MUGEN

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Intro Songs –
mr carmack – ain’t loyal (oshi’s version)
[Instrumental] – Gurenge – 紅蓮華 – LiSA – [Romanji/Jap/Eng/中字]
Outro Song – Aries – AMY’S GRAVE
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  1. oh i thought it was an instant application…BRUHH….


    TS U (8x) and then U until the enemy is ded.

  3. Okay MANY issues here. First is whenever i try to use the game with DS4, not only do barely any inputs work, but whenever i'm in any mode other than arcade, my controller acts for both players. Any solutions anyone?? Also is there just no move list???

    PS The AI is almost unplayably unfair. Whoever made this game definitely needs to fix a lot about it.

  4. I download the game but im pickimg player 2 it cant selected

  5. is it me or how to download the game did not work for me TvT

  6. my download wont work it downloads but i cant open it it keeps saying error 🙁

  7. I thought this was just a blatant hftf being emulated with a weird hue, based on the intro, but when u started playing turns out i was SOOOOO wrong

  8. help help help help help help help help help help says:

    Do Johnny Joe star and pucci next pls

  9. u bringing up tekken made me happy i loooove that game i go crazy on tekken 7

  10. I know I am late but dose anyone know when I try to run it it dose not work

  11. I dont know how to download it it's not working

  12. I can't believe you accidentally spoiled part 6 for me 😭

  13. this game seems fun for people who can remember the commands…unlike me but i like to play these type of games

  14. BTW devo was the one who has in the fridge and attacked po in the hotel

  15. When working with specific mugens, depending on, the characters will be either 3 button or 6 button characters. Sometimes 4 but rarely. That one is a 4-6 button one only certain ones are six buttons most are four

  16. i want johnny joestar but this is my dads account

  17. I'm better than the bots even bucciariati I defeated him on 100 health I'm a God

  18. Guys this is crazy this whole vid is a J-j- JoJo Reference

  19. how to pick character? i pressed all key and it doesnt pick it

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