My FIRST Time Playing JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure MUGEN

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Intro Songs –
mr carmack – ain’t loyal (oshi’s version)
[Instrumental] – Gurenge – 紅蓮華 – LiSA – [Romanji/Jap/Eng/中字]
Outro Song – Aries – AMY’S GRAVE
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  1. him against bruno : BRO LEMME PULL MY STAND OUT

  2. I gotta download this version instead, The one on my laptop is weird with the controls. And it has like double player but it’s mixed with area of the first player and is a hassle. This version looks like it has simpler controls. Some of the icons had the anime images of the character (assuming they were too lazy to put the manga versions) and had missing characters. (it had Pucci but no other stone ocean characters)

    Btw Kara was MEGA FUCKING OVERPOWERED , there’s no way to defeat him. Even using him to fight himself is kinda difficult.

  3. i started playing cuz of this video but now i have became so much of a mugen nerd that there is only 2 commands i dont know

  4. holy jesus is this game completely ass, I play arcade mode and not only is koichi broken but the bots are ass, wanna know why? he has a unreactable move where u cant jump locking my options and not only that but the bots in this game suck. They're unfightable. If I attack I die, if I block I die, if I go for a jump attack I die. Like this game is so bad It hurts me. If the create of the game is seeing this, fix your fucking bots

  5. k bro FUCKING THANK YOU you actually basically gave us an installation guide when you were just gonna play i thank you for that for this reason i have subbed liked put notifications on and watched the whole video i was originally just lookin for a good jojo mugen and to you i say thank you

  6. i downloaded the game, but it just opens as notepad, someone help

  7. im trying to download it and the file is trying to open with osu help

  8. This guy should play hftf. It’s what a bunch of these characters move sets are based on

  9. Is there Dio over heaven in the game? also, is all the character already unlocked and can you cheat in the game?

  10. DO DIO OH! i know this is a old vid but pls pls pls pls play more jojohtft mugen lplplplplplplsplsplsplsplspsl?

  11. if u cant buy jjba all star battle just play this

  12. Infernasu If capcom did a full anime game with all these style of characters it would be money!

  13. there is secrect charactors on down if you go all the way down then one down hope it helps

  14. The Only Jojo GameTo Add In Blackmore [Catch The Rainbow]

  15. Is this safe to download?
    I really want to play this

  16. BRuh whenever i try to pick the file
    it just says " microsft sign in " bullshit

  17. Bro the game said its Free but now they want me to pay
    so that I can play the Game

  18. damn this was 2 years ago already dont fell like it

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