MORE PROFIT From Stone Gathering? – Albion Online

Stone recently got a place in the dev talk mentioning they were going to “fix” the stone economy. This can be done by making stone a more in demand resource by introducing new items requiring stone to craft them, or other game mechanics that will require stone to replenish. This announcement caused the stone market to dramatically rise in price, and I decided to do some gathering to see if it had potential for a higher silver per hour earning. How much is stone worth after the announcement and is it worth gathering? This video aims to answer that question.

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Title: MORE PROFIT From Stone Gathering? – Albion Online

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  1. yeah after your last video I started saving travertine instead of selling it. you are like the stock expert lol

  2. How do you get those harvesting tools to tier 8,its very hard

  3. Keep it strong, thanks for the daily dose of watching you. Still building the foundations, and still making noob mistakes (like switching to gathering something else than stone due to it's low T3 price the week before (yeah that 6-7 per travertine was horrible when you wanted to level up gathering to T4), but hey now at least I have all T4 gathering while progressing open world mobs / weapons. Got killed a few times while gathering due to faction flagged, but 😋🤣 if it makes the guy happy, I'm game.
    Saving money to get that guild and Island going.
    Stay safe and thanks for being you.

  4. what did they announce about stone ? can u share link where we can read that?

  5. hey, can we have the reason for not being accepted in the discord group?

  6. Benji normalizing dying over here😂😂

  7. If you want you can apply for an Albion creator. You get free premium at all times.

  8. I dont blame you on walking dead but you HAVE to watch game of thrones! And give it a chance past the first season.

  9. hey man if we gathering stone with journal we got more money ?

  10. You dont do twitch, Benji? Got this twitch account to link with albion to get drops, and if i gotta spend time to watch stream on twitch id like yo watch your streams

  11. You are like the Warren Buffett of Albion prices. You mentioned it briefly during your developer update video that stone prices "may" increase depending on the resources the updates may use–specifically travertine. I literally watched travertine prices go up after your video.

  12. I want to ask you that I did not pick up my premium yet but I suddenly got a premium for a day, is that a bug, or did I just lose my premium?

  13. My rich person vehicle is a suped up hovercraft. Cause frick potholes, that's what poor people taxes fix

  14. Hey I’m not a Normie I just can’t name them but I can see memes and know that there are memes and I even use gifs in things with my friends let me be your friend I hear you talking you are lonely and it makes me sad and I think you’re hilarious so come on let me in your discord.

  15. I swear he was talking about me but I could be wrong but I know my answers and I know what I said and it sounds just like that.


  17. Is there anything its smart to save learning points for? Gathering? Just stuff you dont like doing to skip ahead a bit or what?

  18. how to fix an item value in albion say that you gonna fix it so people will gather and sell it 😉

  19. My man is manipulating the game economy 💀

  20. so im an inconsistent player i play from time to time whenever im able to play but usually its about 15 hours every month or so but the last time i was on there was an addition of controller support so i was wondering what your thoughts where on the controller support do you think its on par with mouse and key or do you think its not worth using

  21. Oh i wonder why…. oh yeah, the stone bots in tutorial…. who could ever have seen this coming?

  22. is this works on east server ????

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  24. Didn't make it to the discord.. 💔💔💔 don't know any abstract art 😢😭 really wanted to join tho

  25. Have you made a general guide for weapons recently?

  26. Actually a bit off topic but I'm really curious. why did you chose this profile picture for your YouTube channel? I'm sure there is a reason behind it.

  27. Dude i just got 3m from quarrying today so insane east btw.

  28. Bro I'm the guy that passed survey, I failed to answer invite in time. 😢 I understand that in a ping war and immediate response is important but I did not have you set to special notification because we were not a team yet I would love the second chance

  29. I bought all the stone I could get when you made previous video same prices would go up but as a new player needed the money had to sell them back before making good profit

  30. hi swole, been exploring the game for a while but I still can't find my own build/weapon cause im playing on phone. can you recommend some for mobile players ?

  31. SwoleBenji just talked about the topic for 5-10 mins and spend most of the time talking about his life. At this point I'm just streaming ur video listening to you like a podcast and I like it.

  32. Just love sitting and listening to you talking while gathering stone😂

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