Minecraft Relaxing Longplay – Rainy Spruce Cottage, Peaceful 1.18 Adventure (No Commentary)

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Hello! Welcome to another Minecraft longplay with no commentary! I decided to record myself on a brand new Minecraft 1.18 seed, and see how things turned out! We built a new cozy spruce cottage in the rain! I hope you guys find this relaxing and enjoyable. I will be making a lot more of these to help everyone sleep, relax, and study!

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I use BSL shaders with Fabric when i record!

seed = 5133291882869366177

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  1. can i pls have the name shader that u're using😅😅

  2. Hi! I love your videos but I'm wondering how you get it to rain constantly like this 😭😭

  3. it would be cool if the sound of the items picking up and game sounds were down, because they're kinda loud. thanks!

  4. Hello! for me i actually dont want the minecraft music. and do you think on the next few videos where you do the similiar things you could possibly just have the minecraft noises without the music?

  5. I play like this once and got bored and fell asleep it’s very relaxing

  6. I'm not sure what headspace I'm in right now, but this helps my anxiety, confusion, and stress lower. I've been playing Minecraft since like 2015. I remember when me and my aunt built a dirt house and made open windows and a bunch of baby zombies got in.

  7. Thank you for inspiration! I just drew a plan of my Minecraft house and windmill, so… tack så mycket! (Tysm in Swedish)

  8. I’ve just scrolled through the comment section and I’m amazed at how interactive you are! The fact your so engaged in your community whilst giving us such high quality videos is amazing. I love your work. Keep it up! Xx

  9. Dude thank you for making this,this video helped me with my insomnia like it's perfect the rain and other noises so chill

  10. How do you make the world just rain forever?

  11. I fell asleep while watching YouTube and ended up here

  12. Idk if you can control it but i was woken up twice by adds 😢 gotta switch vids because of it

  13. Muy bueno de verlo este gran tipo de juego de Minecraft …

  14. Talking is a bit too good at grabbing my attention, so I'm hoping this will help me sleep (just like actually playing minecraft does, lol)

  15. I actually had trouble watching between 3:00 and 4:10 with how much you were avoiding picking up the wool on the floor. Something about just leaving it there was very perturbing to me, but maybe this is just a unique experience for me.

  16. Dang, you got a lot of building done within three hours.

  17. Idk who needs it, but here's just a blank space:

    Have a good day/night/afternoon!

  18. bad video, please YouTube don't recommend this videos to me 🤬🤬🤬

  19. If this is peaceful, how you can get ender pearl and blaze rods?

  20. My brain needs something to play in the background as I work on my assignments (totally not at like 2:34am…) and this is the PERFECT solution<3 thank you so much ❤

  21. lovely longplay video waiting for a new episode 3

  22. Minecraft is the most ASMR game I’ve ever seen

  23. You: trying to decide what you will throw away, maybe the golden apple
    The stone pickaxes: 🗿🚬

  24. I like the rain in Minecraft but bro, raining for 3 hours straight my godd

  25. Was watching something else and woke up too this

  26. I must thank you for the gameplay 😀 Normally, I need some sound to rest and this gameplay was therapeutic! Also, could you tell me which shade you used?

  27. I fell asleep on my pc and this just started playing

  28. I’m gonna be honest since i didn’t see any of the other comments point it out. You’re adding too many trap doors, and BARRELS. You’ve added so many barrels that you can barely walk through the house.
    It’s kind of pissing me off at the way you’re placing things and how the stairs just take up your entire house when you could have just put a single row of stairs rather than a large structure. I get that it might look good in GENERAL but it doesn’t look good in such a small space. You’ve added TOOOO many barrels
    Please for the love of god lay off the buttons, trap doors, barrels, and the lanterns.
    It looks crowded as hell.
    Sorry if the comment is insensitive, and i know you’re doing your best at this and I know this was made a year prior, but PLEASE chill with the barrels
    Have a good day

  29. hi everyone! just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting here and joining in on the live twitch streams! you guys rock! take care of yourselves 😀

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