Minecraft Pixelmon Survival – NEW ADVENTURE BEGINS! – Episode 1 (Minecraft Pokemon Mod)

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Minecraft Pixelmon Survival – NEW ADVENTURE BEGINS! – Episode 1 (Minecraft Pokemon Mod)
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Today we being our New Pixelmon Adventure in Minecraft! It’s good to be back.

L8Games –

– Intro Music: Invincible by Deaf Kev
– Background Music: Pixelmon Music by Chris Geddes
– Outro Music: Every Cloud by Rameses B


  1. But he didn't die so rip his YouTube channel

  2. I loved you as a kid this is bringing back memories

  3. Enamorus is from legends arcues and is a legendary so that why it was hard to catch it wasn't really leaked but is not from a dlc it part of the main quest in legends arcues

  4. How did I forget to subscribe to this channel when I got my new phone

  5. enamorus is in the legends arceus game it is confirmed to be there

  6. These two are like the pokemon version of the Kratt brothers and it’s amazing

  7. The two of the funniest YouTubers play a mod that’s brings the best to games together, I’ve missed this

  8. 9:42 that's probably because you hit nick with a pillow that had bricks in it when you were kids only OG'S know that story

  9. What’s the list of mods used in this series?

  10. did no one see the magicarp jumping across the screen

  11. Bro I missed you guy's I forgotten about you but I saw your vids and it made my day instantly you made my childhood the best

  12. How can I play this? I found a mod pack for bedrock edition but I'm not sure it has all these things. Any chance someone knows how to get this mod pack? I love l8games and thier content and my kids are now old enough and want to play pixelmon with me and this would be amazing to play!! ANY HELP, PLEASE!!

  13. Bruh why wouldn’t you catch enamorus

    Also it’s a gen 8 pokemon
    Not a leak because show would a leak work you wouldn’t know it’s stats and therefore can’t implement them
    And it’s fairy type

    That’s the best type in pokemon



  14. Must be very hard to be at it for 12 years while other youtubers get to a million in like a year. Even tho someone like pewpiepie has 111 million subs, L8games together with pixeldip will have a special place in my heart. <3

  15. Landours wife is dead because she's from legends arcus

  16. Dude what modpack is this or mod cause I haven't seen any pixelmon like this

  17. Love you guys thank you for the videos over the years

  18. It’s been two years I have lost your channel I couldn’t find it but I finally found it it’s been two years I remember when you guys played Pixelmon way earlier like all the other ones😂 It’s so good to be back it’s so good to watch you guys again I had to make a new YouTube account

  19. Like the one with the dark cry or the other one when your base was like on a hill and the vines would grow every episode

  20. And the one where you guys made like a food shop and there was a chef

  21. It’s it’s when does his sister it’s from Pokémon legends Arceus

  22. does anyone know what exact mods they are using??

  23. I am rewatching you guys after not watching for like 2 or smth years and gotta say that intro never gets old

  24. i love pokemon mc series so much thank you for having this video here.

  25. I like how this guy does episodes instead of movies

  26. Pokemon is wack and i love it i opened my first pack in 5 yeas i noticed a basic maractus has the same hp as a stage 1 ariados both 110
    A cactus that is 3'3 is stronger then a wolf and massive spider

    Also i found this pretty neet pack that give only rares and holos it actually gave rares and holos

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