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Dream big with Courtney, the best gamer in the arcade! Step back in time and see her world in the year 1986. Follow along as Courtney discovers what it takes to be a real life hero!

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0:00 PART 1: Courtney 1986 Learns to Be Confident with Crystal Starshooter
13:56 PART 2: Crystal Starshooter Helps Courtney Become Brave
21:57 BEHIND THE SCENES – See How Stop Motion is Made!

About Courtney Moore:
Courtney Moore is growing up in California’s San Fernando Valley. She’s a total ’80s girl whose favorite place is Smiley’s Arcade because she loves playing video games. Courtney likes being in control of what happens, which isn’t always the case in real life. She and her stepsister, Tina, don’t always get along, and now that Courtney’s mom is running for mayor, things are changing at home. It’s a whole new game for Courtney, and she’s figuring out the rules as she goes.

About American Girl:
More than ever, it’s time to focus on how our girls are growing up. At American Girl, we believe in character. It defines who she’ll become: honest, confident, determined, and just…happy. For over 35 years, we’ve been a trusted guide on this journey—giving girls the inner strength to make a difference. Because being an American girl is learning who you are—and loving every part of it.

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Meet Courtney: Epic 1986 Adventure | FULL MOVIE | American Girl

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