Marios Adventure 2 Speedrun in 1:59.62 [Flash Game]

A non competetive for fun speedgame. Weird game mechanics make this especially fun.

Levels in Detail:

1 – 1: Easy; I can save like a second with minor improvements.
1 – 2: The jump over the blocks is simple, not great that I failed it. I can save about 7 seconds here.
2 – 1: Just hold down right and jump for the entirity of the level and you’ll make it; super easy.
2 – 2: It may not look hard but the second block parcours is really difficult fopr some reason. You can line up with the pipe to clear the first parcours with ease but not the second. Much time to save here.
3 – 1: In World 3 the game starts lagging oddly enough and the music cuts out. Easy level however.
3 – 2: Very straight forward, very easy and simple.
Boss: it takes 8 hits to beat him. If you are very lucky and bounce between him and one of the Blocks at the top you can get 3 hits at once. This is rather rare however. Otherwise 2 hits x4 will take him down. The flying-phase is bad, you can barely hit him and if so, only once and it takes long.


Play the game here:


  1. i miss the old times, honestly i wont lie to you but wish going to these old years. . . .

  2. I'm still trying to remember what song is used in the Title Screen of the game

  3. Could anyone tell me the theme in the title screen please?

  4. anybody know what the 1-1 and 1-2 music is called?
    that crap is bopping

  5. Thank you so much for giving a link for a hacked version of this game, the original games is impossible.

  6. Finally I beat this game today. And I didn't need the hacks.

  7. We always have flash games that have audio that were record on a potato. Was it because of flash's limitations?

  8. The 2nd level is hard because of the smol brown blocks and the fact that you run WAY TOO FAST makes it nearly impossible to land on them. This game aged really poorly.

  9. This is probably one of the first games I've ever played, and one that brings so much memories… because of this The Sky (World 7) from NSMB makes me nostalgic.

  10. Omg this was one of the first Mario games that I've ever played

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