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Dungeon Alchemist
Ever loved a map so much you wish it could come alive?

Introducing Map Tracing in Dungeon Alchemist.

Now, you can import images of your favorite maps and build them to match!

Experience this amazing new feature in ‘The Treasury’ update, launching Wednesday, August 30th

Stay tuned for more information.

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  1. O that's what that feature ia for. You guys are godsends.

  2. I just bought it , what an amazing game/ttrpg tool !

  3. Nice! I have many bare bones maps like those and would love to add color and details. Dungeon Alchemist was a great purchase for my VTT gaming.

  4. This right here will be a game changer for me. I get so tired of recreating maps I like from scratch. It gets tedious. Keep up the good work DA. You're my only go-to on map making.

  5. The Dungeon Alchemist Legends contiue to drop amazing features!! Love your work so much!!

  6. Thought the first map trace was a QR Code at first Lmao

  7. this is going to be great, I have been doing this manually which takes a bit. gona be so much time saved

  8. Nice can't wait thank you guys so much for the great work

  9. Yay ! It will be a great addition to the app ! 🎉

  10. OMG that is a really cool feature! Thank you guys!

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