Making a Choose Your Own Adventure comic with Twine

JC Random
Today we’ll be making an interactive “Choose your own adventure” style comic using Twine.

Here you can read the finished comic:

You can use or download Twine over here:

Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games:

Here is the structure from the Super Comptuer book:


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  1. Thanks for the video. Twine is just what I needed.

  2. Ok this is the most exciting video I have seen in ages. its an open source project, runs from a browser and you can make interactive comics? Oh I'm so trying this!!!

  3. Nice video, I definitely enjoyed choose your own adventure books back in the day!

  4. This was the perfect video to help get me started :D. Thank you for making it!

  5. I played around on the comic a bit. It was depressing. Nice job!

  6. Thanks for making this video and introducing me to this lovely website. I'm a person who'd like to make a choose your own adventure story game with illustration myself so this really motivates me to make one easily.

    It also seems like the perfect tool to aid me when I'm writing a story so again really, thank you for sharing this!

  7. I don't get how you added the art to the pages though. Do you just paste images into the text box for a page after creating it?

  8. hello can you do the miraculous series spell book

  9. how did you add the illustrations and other graphical elements to the game? Cause in Twine I can't seem to find any option, do I have to do all of this in CSS? Cause I don't know CSS lol

  10. Excellent work, can we publish the story we've made by Twine on Steam?

  11. enjoyed the tutorial, but when I went to the website I couldn't figure out how to add images like you did

  12. Amazing video!! Quiero escribir una historia interactiva para el cumpleaños de un amigo— tuve la idea hace unos meses pero no he empezado a trabajar seriamente en ella porque no se por donde empezar😭. Y ahora tengo 6 semanas para completarlo 🫣. Pero me siento muy inspirada gracias a ti, wish me luck!!!

  13. This was very nice for me, as I am starting with Twine. Thanks a bunch man and much love ^^

  14. This was the best! The video, the patterns, and the final project. All excellent and helpful!

  15. What version of twine did you use? I go directly to the website that has the latest version of Twine is 2.6.2, released 26 February 2023. And it has half of the features you show in this tutorial. I initially tried to download the program and I got a message warning me it's not frequently downloaded and my antivirus blocked it. Any ideas about what's going on?

  16. This is so incredible! It helps my thesis so much and truly return to the roots of why we draw
    Thanks for sharing the great work

  17. Incredible, I always wanted to make this..
    Did you know some pages to publish my cyoa books?

  18. Nice video but the link you've posted to your own interactive story isn't working. have you removed it?

  19. Your twine comic looks amazing, how did u learn to format it was that done in sugar cube? I’m learning harlowe cause it seems the easiest but to do what you did I think I’d need to learn to code a little 😅 ?

  20. Thankyou so much!! Finally I can make the comics more Interactive with this!!!!

  21. My favorite choose your own adventure books were Twisted Journeys, actually inspired to try to make my own choose your own adventure visual novel

  22. "…everyone kept two or three fingers in the last few choices just in case things got ugly." SO RELATABLE. Some of the bad endings in those books were brutal and have haunted me for years.

    And good lord my sister and I would have killed to have this kind of program when we were kids in the '80s, trying to make our own CYOA books by folding typing paper in half and writing out stories by hand. Thanks for sharing this!

  23. I plan to make a very chaotic branch where each choice has its own unique continuation.

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