Little Krishna – Vrindavan Ka Dulara – वृन्दावन का दुलारा

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The 13 episodes of Little Krishna is a result of seven years of painstaking research work, handpicked from the chronicles of Krishna, the most remarkable stories of the greatest super hero in the Indian heritage. The episodes are narrated in a manner, which is engrossing enough to mesmerize the audience world over, and leave them spell-bound.
Action, adventure, heroic valor, selfless deeds, emotional trysts, mischief all packaged in a compelling story telling underlines the hallmark of the Little Krishna series.


  1. Iss cartoon ne to Mera Dil hi jeet liya krishna kitne cute lag rahe h bass kansh ka vadh kese kiya vo nahi dikhaya h.

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  4. I am muslim but I love to Watch Krishna ❤

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    Watching in………………..2023

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  9. I love Krishna so much Pls Krishna bless me ..

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  11. Liberals use religion to extend the hand of friendship, but narrow-minded people use religion as a weapon of war.

  12. Jai shree radhe Krishna ji Jai ho ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Har har mahadev joy maa durga Jai Ganesh Jai Kritikadeva saraswati Lakshmi Narayan bhambha Radha Krishna Ram sita lakshman hunuman jay ho lo

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