Little Big Adventure 2 by janglestorm in 29:18 – Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online

Games Done Quick
Runner introduction starts at 0:24
Run starts at 1:17
Commentary is provided by JackofHearts
Ezmar is host

This speedrun was recorded during Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online, a week long charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2020 is just one of the many charity marathons organized by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ, find us at:

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  1. Runner introduction starts at 0:24Run starts at 1:17Commentary is provided by JackofHeartsEzmar is host

  2. The game that defined my childhood. Nothing comes close in sense of adventure. I've been waiting for this in GDQ forever 🙂

  3. Grew up playing this game over and over again. Very excited to see a speed run. Still hoping for a remake 😄

  4. such a amazing game, very happy to see it at GDQ, maybe more people will get into this somewhat forgotten classic

  5. Probably the game I'm most nostalgic for, but have never beaten. Fantastic game.

  6. trivia time : funfrock the bad guy of this game (and the previous one) is based on controversial french far right racist politician Jean Marie Le Pen, which the devs obviously didn't like.

  7. Same. This is my favorite childhood game and I always thought "would it be so cool if someone made a speedrun in GDQ about Twinsen". I remember founding that save and load jump glitch (was a little bit older) by myself and it blown my mind, it was amazing keeping the wizard costume throughout the whole game, and I always thought "this must be a speedrun strat" and I was happy that it really was. Couldn't manage to watch it live tho, unfortunately, but here I am now. Thank you for this JangleStorm!

  8. One of my childhood favorites. Loved the soundtrack. Hated the platforming.

  9. really underappreciated game, i loved this as a kid

  10. "The ferry is there, it's justi invisible" lol

    so many memories!

  11. I'm so happy to see this game run, it's one of my favorites of all time!

  12. That game is my childhood, I'm almost crying with just the soundtrack!

  13. So happy to see LBA at GDQ. I loved this series when I was younger.
    This game made you feel like you were in a saturday morning cartoon with its great music, unique sfx and and great voice acting (at least in the original French).
    It definitely has that French touch vibe like Heart of Darkness, Rayman…..

  14. Loved this game so much! I remember getting completely stuck on the first half, but this guy skipped that in just a few minutes

  15. I had this game back in the day. What a great, quirky adventure.

  16. Im proud to say i still have my big box version complete with manuals and advertisement leaflets inside!
    I treasure this game immensely.
    Love it, one of my favorite games of all time

  17. I can't believe I see this game at AGDQ. Thank you so much for running it! I wish more people learn about this fantastic game.
    Everyone who played it, loves it. It's a pity not many did play it.

  18. When I was a kid I could swear the sporty mode gave me invincibility for a while. Guess I was onto something even right I never got to do that reset on the bridge. Maybe I just wasn't doing it fast enough.

  19. No idea how the hollow map trick works, tried it for about an hour. Tried it from the inventory and using the hotkey. Any ideas if it still works?

  20. This is my second favorite game of all time, the first one being Banjo-Kazooie. Funny thing that happened me recently after finishing the game again after 23 years. When you first get the sword, Instead of using the ship to get to otringal, I went ALL THE WAY to the mosquibee's palace entrance, paid for the ferryman, got to wannie's area, got up to the elevator… the island where you get the gazogem all that just to get to otringal, I just did not think of using the space ship x_x.. Also I did not know that after you get the last fragment (blue) , you could break the window over the chest and climb up there, I went back to the maze all the way to the entrance.

  21. Love how he runs trough a game in 30 mins that took most of my childhood to explore, amazing fucking game.

  22. 18:50 Holy shit that is so surreal:
    I was bored and scrolled through gdq on youtube when I was struck by nostalgia as I saw this run. I was bathing in it until it read my donation. I completely forgot I ever watched this run, but that is for sure me, it's my name and exactly my thoughts. So wierd.

  23. WOW. my childhood of taking a year to beat this game (only getting to play before bed for a few hours at a time!) and now its reduced to sub 30 min hahaha! awesome.

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