Let’s Try to REMAKE HALT’S HALLWAY From DOORS! #roblox


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  1. Hey Suly. I'm the guy who had the funny joke argument with you on halts colour.

  2. (Chris Titanic) the captain of R.M.S says:

    Remake timothy pls

  3. Can you make javks hallways, the red room and the courtyard

  4. I keep bugging in halt it says turn around I go backwards but halt spawns right on me and I die. Screech kills me everytime even tho I look at him he still takes from me some damage

  5. The closets need fixed. I went into a closet when Ambush was coming and it kicked me out as soon as I soon as I when inside the closet

  6. I found a glitch where when i died it made respawn and i was on the roof of the map and then just fell of the map

  7. Bro this is the real one the devs will never know u are using the model

  8. The halt warning stays there for too long please make it stay there for like 1 seconds

  9. Pls face reveal and you need to remove door and added doors 2 entrance in halt s hallway

  10. Can you please make it so ambush dose not come 6 times first time 😭

  11. Can you add the puzzle room and the courtyard

  12. finally!BTW I beat real doors 12 times already bruh

  13. You have a old one but that's is the coolest

  14. I dare you to a scared ambush & Rush When you Avatar is NEKO SEEK

  15. I swear this guy gets louder and louder in every video

  16. this is "Doors but bad" but like the original.

  17. umm fish there is something broken so I was playing your game and glitch is teleporting me because your game is broken

  18. Yo when I was and I passed eyes then I started to get damaged then I just spawned back in and I was on top of the map then I kept on walking and I found your logo

  19. Dam bro gonna make his own doors sheesh👍

  20. Omg is soo funny i just got in game end i laugth bc of the song😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁❤

  21. Can you pls show us to make the game pls if you do i will subscribe

  22. ahh u made yt to sponsor ur game and get money money u don't care about subs

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