LEISURE SUIT LARRY Adventure Game Gameplay Walkthrough – No Commentary Playthrough

LEISURE SUIT LARRY: IN THE LAND OF THE LOUNGE LIZARDS Adventure Game Gameplay Walkthrough – No Commentary Playthrough


  1. His first time was longer than mine.

  2. 2 things:

    1- No way this game takes about half an hour to finish! Are you sure it doesn't take all night?
    2- Ken sent me

  3. I remember playing this game on my dads computer when I was a kid. It took my brother and I so long to figure out all the steps. I don't think we ever actually beat the game but we certainly did enjoy the hooker and laughing at the bouncing censored box. I just recently started playing Wet dreams don't dry and it's bringing back a lot of memories. I had to check this video out.

  4. Played in CGA, purple and cyan! Early on if you walk in between the drunk’s spread eagle legs, into his crotch he would comment on your pointy shoes. Thanks for this blast from the past.

  5. This game was considered lewd in the 80s.
    It's 2021…and this milk toast mild compared to kids cartoons.

  6. That cab driver always say the same things lol

  7. This game takes me back to 1991 when I hacked into the Adults section of my families PC (my sisters and I were forbidden to play this game until we were 18).

    My sisters and I ( I was thirteen at the time) played this game for a short while maybe five to fifteen minutes. This was when my parents were asleep.

  8. 354k views and no dislikes! Says it all

  9. Had this on the Atari ST, you had to answer questions to prove you were over 18. I was about 12 passing the quiz was more exciting that finding a porno mag in the privets

  10. Imagine going through the whole game without buying the apple from the dude at 8:23.

  11. I learning how to flirt on this gamę. Now I'm still a single..😏

  12. everytime i want to tie the rope it says " the solution is closer to you than that" any help?

  13. Why does it play Aura Lee in the chapel instead of the wedding March?

  14. At 13 years old i learned everything I know about sex from this game. I'm now 42 and still single.

  15. I played this 😳😳 now where the hell did i do it 🤔🤔🤔

  16. I've just managed to start this game on HP 200lx palmtop 🙂

  17. wow nvr thought I'd see this game again my deaf cousin that showed me this will get a kick out of this for sure

  18. I love these basic graphics. Colourful and simple and entertaining

  19. Growing up playing "Hugo's House of Horrors'….kick that pumpkin. I'll never get leisure suit larrys song out of my head. I'll have them play it at my funeral!

  20. Helorum & the Knights of Mambrino's Helmet says:

    I have come to realize that, from this game, much of my vulgar sense of humor was born. For eliminating many taboos I would like to thank you, Leisure Suit Larry.

  21. What system is this on? Commodore 64?

  22. This was the first open world game. Instead of giving whiskey I remember typing kick man in balls, and the game responded with "ow those pointy toe shoes hurt mister"!

  23. Hard to believe that July 5th, marks the 35th anniversary of Larry.

  24. When I play Halo I have flashes of Leisure Suit Larry and I wish there were mods where Master Chief stops to use the bathroom or take a drink or talk shit to the enemies.

  25. When a game is supposedly for adults-only, you know it’s really for thirteen-year-olds.

  26. I played this game in my high school's intro computer class my freshman year 1993. 😆

  27. You say no commentary as if that is a positive. A game like this NEEDS commentary since there is no voice acting and all input is done through a text parser. HOW BORING FOR YOU. Are you afraid to talk in your videos?

  28. I never knew about this game until today lol – but I grew up playing the original Sonny Bonds' Police Quest.

  29. This game taught me how to type at the age of 7 lol

  30. Looks like you unlocked the true ending where you get to play with her eyes!

  31. The bear carpet, a fine classic hahahahahahahaha

  32. I have a list of 139 question "To verify that you are 18..". X-mas regards: Stig Österberg from Dalsbruk in Finland.

  33. Ah grew to this game as well . Play it on old Tandy computer

  34. Man, this game is great!!

    How would i know what i have to do??

  35. Answering the questions to play was tough on our 11 year old minds.. 1989.

  36. I used to cheat at the casino save on a good hand and reload when I lost lol

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