LEGO Worlds – Multiplayer Adventure – Episode 1 – Welcome to the Worlds!

Today we continue the adventure in Lego Worlds, a brand new Lego game that is essentially a wonderful crossover between Minecraft and traditional Lego games. Let me know what you think down in the comments section below 😃

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  1. Can you leave a download link for the game

  2. 1. Will you continue your singleplayer series?
    2. Will you do a multiplayer live with gamer 55561

  3. If you like gaming come to my channnel

  4. I think that you and gamer should equally be able to discover and collect stuff instead of it being competitive with each other but that's just my own opinion😆

  5. salt over 9000
    you are making the experience bad on gamer

  6. This vid was AWSOME SAUCE blitz (I am a long time fan 😎😀)

  7. Love this!! Watched with my kiddo and had fun and good laughs. Thanks guys!

  8. Would you rather die or kill me
    (BTW if you kill me I will just make it so you pick meeeeeee).

  9. yo you are amazinging and i love theese vids thank u soooooooo much

  10. It would have been cool if you had the bat character and flew around him and gave him advice. Just like ultimate spider with the angel and devil

  11. Am I cute?I'm sad,please pet me.

  12. 5:36 she just said it was in the chest.

    Later on he continues to flounder around and not pay attention. For someone called Gamer he's not much of a gamer.

  13. Do one where you have a building contest and the Likes and Dislikes are the voting methods

  14. Is it just me or did the other guy at the start sound like pewdiepie? xD

  15. Blitz you should play xenoverse it's a dbz based game

  16. xX420xleox420Xx
    looking for people to play with online

  17. When they went running looking for a Clock Tower I wanted to scream " the clock tower was in the behind the lady that gave you the mission!!!" *facepalm*

  18. plz upload more lego worlds. Like if u agree

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