LEGO Dimensions – Sonic the Hedgehog Free Roam Gameplay (Sonic Adventure World)

This video shows gameplay with Sonic the Hedgehog in the Sonic Adventure World of LEGO Dimensions. #Sonic Thanks for watching!

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LEGO Dimensions Year 2 Playlist:


  1. Shadow arranging flowers……….Pass me the brain bleach.

  2. Imagine if we left the world the same way we came in?

  3. Ha Ha

  4. I like how omochao references the time eater from sonic generations, I also like how Shadow inst a complete edge lord

  5. A wise Echidna once said…

  6. I wish they could make an fully actual Lego game for sonic rather than just a crossover, he dashes through bricks, and builds something new

  7. Its so sad that sonic is the only lego minifigure avaliable in the game

  8. Two things. First,Sonic needs his own LEGO game. Second,why isn't Shadow playable? I would like to be able to play as my favorite character.

  9. I love playing with Sonic and other Lego characters I have. And I love this Adventure world.

  10. What Sonic Frontier's should have been… smh

  11. The fact this played better than how Frontiers is shaping up to be….

  12. Its hilariously ironic that people complain that sonic frontiers copied botw, but in actually, sonic did the open world thing first with lego dimensions

  13. This is literally all sonic frontiers had to be just on a larger scale and it would have been great. Different Biomes, interesting and fun activities and puzzles, an incredibly busy and fun world. The great thing about a sonic open world is any space that doesn't have anything in it still serves to push further the inherent gameplay as long as it's interesting enough to run around, like Spiderman. But Frontiers decided to literally just make empty space that was uninteresting and had nothing in it. Fails in everyway a sonic open world can.

  14. I think the perfect sonic game would be: a hub world were you can explore, you can find goodies like ring boxes, elemental shield etc, with rings you can buy stuff in the store like outfits or updates to make sonic faster like in unleashed, in the hub world sonic would controle like in the adventure games with more additions like the drop dash.

    exploring the hub world won’t only reward you with upgrades or goodies it also rewards you with amazing boost stages, the boost stages are built like the ones in unleashed and sonic controlling like generations sonic, completing boost stages will reward you with updates for sonic, ring and expanding the hub world.

    Badniks and bosses can randomly appear in the hub world and will attack you, defeat them and you will be rewarded. To all of this add a Great story, twists, a beautiful soundtrack and I understand that this could be one of the greatest sonic games of all time

    Now that I think about it this sound like sonic frontiers.

  15. 18:25 Hyper Sonic in Lego Dimension Sonic Level Pack confirmed

  16. I got this character for this game in July 2017

  17. What game is this? And is it available for the switch?

  18. If this was on switch I’d 100% buy it

  19. So we can acknowledge lego sonic dimensions is canon because they make references to main line series games adventure 2 heroes generations

  20. This is literally Sonic Frontiers before Sonic Frontiers

  21. How l can unlocl this mode?

  22. We live in a world where a LEGO game can make Sonic run through loop-de-loops better than SEGA…

  23. They should remaster this game, but take away plug in stuff. I get it was unique way of playing but it didn’t sell very like skylanders did.

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