LAVA MONSTER at the PARK!! Family Bike Ride Adventure to pirate island with Navey Niko Adley & Dogs

🐜 🐛 Bug Hunting and Fish Hunting 🐟 🎣
and a BIG RECOMMENDATiON from Olive & Koopa
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Best Lava Monster Day Ever 1327

Welcome to Niko’s bug city!! We are about to go on a family bike ride when and while we are getting everything loaded and our helmets on, Niko is in the backyard and can’t wait to show off some of his bugs. He caught some new roly-polys in the backyard and he is so excited to show us. We head out front to find Jenny, Adley, and Navey almost ready to ride. Jenny is getting Olive and Koopa our fur babies in the basket with Navey and Adley has an amazing Pirate Dad joke for us!

We’re off!! We love riding our bikes and today we decide that we are headed to pirate island to hunt for bugs and try and catch some fish! On our way, we pass a park and the kiddos decide that we need a park break before we reach the lake lot! The go down the slides, are like our monkey buddies from the A for Adley movie as the swing on the monkey bars, and before long we start playing the floor is lava and dad turns into a lava monster!! Chasing the kiddos all over the park and over the play ground, once I catch them, its off to jail till someone rescues them! Adley is so fast, Niko Bear is amazing at hiding, and Navey is so cute!! I love all this pretend play and family fun!

We make it to pirate island and the first thing we need is to get some popsicles! While we eat, Niko tells the vlog a little about Rainbow Ghosts 3 and how he is the hero, Adley starts fishing and i swear she is going to catch a real fish soon, while Navey is a cuddle bug. We see ton of fish jumping over at Unicorn island so Adley, Niko, and I decide to jump on a little boat and investigate. These are huge fish!! We brought nets but they are not big enough!

Back on the dock, we watch some Spacestation Gaming boys play Rocket League, Adley surfs the waves, while Niko and Navey run around having fun! Olive and Koopa are loving it too! They love chilling in the water and hanging out. We have a special treat for them too. We have a new flavor of Sundays dog food for them to try! The dogs were basically Mine and Jenny’s first kids so we like to take extra care of them, and Sundays helps us do that with healthier and tastier food. If you want to give it a try with your dogs, use the link up above and get 35% off!!

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