JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Requiem Mugen | Online Tutorial

Odd Pomegranate
This is a tutorial on how to use JJBA: Requiem built in online. This is all thanks to Ikemen Go engine, so this works for any game made with it.

Get the game:

Join the Discord:

In-depth installation tutorial:

Another link for Hamachi:

Music used in the video:


  1. I'm now working on a tutorial for setting up every controller and updating the new version to 1.0 so it is compatible with the show all characters tutorial. The new version isn't missing any content except for the "Cut Characters" which I didn't include in the base version because of their low quality and the premade files for the character select screen. No characters have been removed, they just have to be selected by scrolling through alternates. The controls are explained in the included .txt file. The game can still be edited the way I did it in the previous tutorial, and any other tutorials for editing a mugen game.

  2. i think a different server for matchmaking would be cool

  3. Leave some Likes/Replies here if we should have a separate Discord server only for matchmaking.

  4. cool video! can you make a video about radmin vpn? it’s very goodm but a lot of people dont know about it


  5. Well i do not want this, i just need the controls of Dio.

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