JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Requiem Mugen | Online Tutorial

Odd Pomegranate
This is a tutorial on how to use JJBA: Requiem built in online. This is all thanks to Ikemen Go engine, so this works for any game made with it.

Get the game:

Join the Discord:

In-depth installation tutorial:

Another link for Hamachi:

Music used in the video:


  1. I followed it step by step, but when my friend trie to join my room it just kept saying that he's getting connected. I installed hamachi and gave him the IP above

  2. Can you make a tutuorial how to download it on android pls

  3. do we have to open hamachi before jjba requiem?,it always say waiting for player 2 or now connecting to x

  4. my pc thinks its anvirus can anyone say that its safe

  5. For some reason when I enter in a match with my friend the character selection screen starts flicking and I can select nothing, what should I do?

  6. There’s no extract button or 7 zip button please help:/

  7. My friend and I tried to play together, but nothing worked, we did everything according to the instructions

  8. I just don't get what username do I have to use on the online to join a friend. Seems wacky.
    Also the screen gets stuck on ''Connecting to…''
    I can see a lot of people are having problems, so please respond this comment.

  9. how do I mute music in the game turning down the BGM does nothing its too loud

  10. Hey, following all the steps in the video I still can't play with my friend and after adding his IP and trying to connect it says "now connecting to -the IP-", but it stays there forever. It's a game that excites me a lot, so help pls :

  11. what if you don't have friends to play? i'm alone here

  12. It connects forever,what could be the issue?

  13. it doesnt work for me and my friend, were both on the latest version and we followed all the steps, its just stuck on connectiing, the firewall didnt pop up, is there something im doing wrong

  14. Never worked but thanks for trying to help me bud.

  15. this is a urgent question, it function in windows 7? a friend wants to play

  16. I use parsec but i dont have anyone playing mugen, so i wish that finding online servers would be added in the future

  17. in mi computer the program no open

    sorry for mi inglish

  18. Thanks, it was very useful. Loved the King Crimson transitions

  19. Hey I think you should add part 7 and part 8 characters it be awesome

  20. How do i verify if i granted access to the internet for ikemen/requiem?

  21. how i give online access to the mugen?? pls help

  22. I accidently didnt click the option in the firewall,i only clicked accept,will it still work?

  23. At first when you play offline it was smooth and easy to play but then when i started to play with my friend, the movement started to be delayed and when i go into the menu bar it will be glitched.

  24. For those guys who are saying that It doesn't work, I found the solution actually after this tutorial
    Go to Hanmachi then make a server (You and your friend/s must join the server that you made)

    I'm so dumb I wasted 3 hours and this was just the solution

  25. its not working at all, so I did all that I had to do but it didn't work, like me and my friend got the same version, and we both got hamachi and then he copied my ipv4 but when he inserted and joined all it said was "connecting to … please wait" and we did it reversed and it still didnt work, for anyone who had this problem too let me know how to fix it

  26. bro only says "joining X name" and no join

  27. It doesn't work when i try to play with my friend its just waiting for player 2 and connecting to (ip)

  28. the host gets kicked out whenever we start

  29. Do you need 64-bit to play this? Because whenever I click the game it says "This app can't run on you pc"

  30. followed step by step it isnt working and we have the same version

  31. Is it really required to use Hamachi? I don't think i would be doing pvp at any time

  32. Bruh, the ai it's SO hard
    even if I set the AI ​​level to level 1 and it's still difficult 🙁

  33. I installed the game and the game colors are wrong. can anyone help to solve the problem?

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