JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven – PS4 – The Joestar family returns (Jump Festa) (English)

The Joestar family and their allies return in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, a 2VS2 action fighting game with over 50 characters from the 8 parts of the original story! Are you ready to jump back into the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure universe? Summer 2016 on PS4.

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  1. I can now save up my money for the summer instead of importing the Japanese version. Thank you Bandai Namco.

  2. JOJO !!!! Thanks Namco , i was almost importing this from JP. Anyway only summer ? what a disappointment 🙁

  3. I'll never get how games that only have English subtitles, take longer to be released than games with English sub and dub.

  4. Why only PS4 if it's on both?
    That's stupid.

  5. Thank you Bandai Namco, it's a beautiful christmas gift ORAORAORAORAORAORA !!!!! I love Jojo!!!!

  6. becam the game multigunal subtitle? ger, fr….

  7. well i imported the ps3 version because the free online and now announced the exclusivity in western i am not sad for my decision

  8. Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price.

    Hereeee we goooo

  9. Where the fuck is the PS3 version? This is bullshit, the only differences between the two are literally graphics, not framerate or anything.

  10. i was just about to import next month thank you for this

  11. Why PC/Steam for all the other games but not this glory game? 🙁

  12. Little mad about the "Jojo" and not the proper "JoJo".

  13. Only for PS4? Oh what the fuck!!
    I was hoping not to import the japanese version since I'm not going to understand shit but it looks like I have no choice.

  14. SO EXCITED GODDAMN!!! Really glad I didn't get the JP version now lol. Glad I'll be able to actually understand plot.

  15. been waiting for a eu release 😀 ORARARARARARARARARARARARARAAAAA!!!!!

  16. Is Speedwagon a member of the Joestar Family now…"The interrupting Speedwagon has finally been noticed by Jojo Sempai!!!"

  17. The Japanese version has ps3
    !!!! We want it on ps3

  18. Naruto games continue to hit Steam, and the new Saint Seiya game just got ported to Steam. Where's JoJo for PC?

  19. Playing demo version experience Jojo's Bizarre Adventure on ps3 early 2015 year was amazing different refreshing fighting styles so? if ask me is decent enough to buy. (as long any product's other than beyond video games are not water down like it? Go for it.)

  20. the important question here is:
    are we gonna go BALLS DEEP again?

  21. i cant wait!!! btw, is this digital only, or will it also get a physical release? i prefer to get a physical collection, you see

  22. The reason why they're not doing a PS3 version is because PS3 will apparently be discontinuing this year

  23. We Need A Bleach Fighting Game for PS4/PC/XB1 that's like Jstars/The Storm Series/or DBZ Tenkaiechi 3

  24. The style and faithfulness to the original work in this game is astounding!

    Its just such a shame that the gameplay of EoH looks awful. They should have kept the gameplay of ASB intact and built upon for the sequel…

  25. This has barley any views, I find this strange

  26. you were expecting a smart comment, BUT IT WAS ME, DIO

  27. It looks like young joseph, dio, jotaro, ceaser, lisa lisa, old joseph and johnathan's models are reused from all-star… but speed wagon, okuyasu, giorno, josuke8 and old jitter look great. also heaven dio's model looks like its from all-star. the design is good but the model looks outdated and weird

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