Jojo’s bizarre adventure eyes of heaven gameplay Joseph and Caesar online battles

Kashimaro Clickclick
Jojo’s bizarre adventure eyes of heaven gameplay Joseph and Caesar ( part 2 Battle tendency ) online battles . I wish I could have shown more variations in weapons that Joseph can use , but there wasn’t much of an opportunity for that

Music used:
DBZ_ SSJ Goku (Awakening Mix) – HalusaTwin

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Awaken(Pillar Men Theme)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure- Overdrive (Instrumental recreation)

Theme of Joseph Joestar – Appearance


  1. I can play online with you. I'm caught up to the show and I have good internet plus I know some Japanese enough to know what they are saying. (*゚▽゚*)

  2. Hey Kashimaro I can play JOJO with you, I love that game, and have a good connection!

  3. Can u play 2 on 2 battles or do 2 partners hve to be AI

  4. The Styles of Jojo Characters In Eyes Of Heaven

    Jonathan Joestar
    Style: Hamon User

    Dio Brando
    Style: Vampire

    Rudol Von Stroheim

  5. "That was literal plot armor into bull shit writing right there"

  6. I would love to see some kars online please and tanky you

  7. Ceasars death is something people shouldn't meme but that was funny

  8. Can someone explain me why you win game after killing 1 person

  9. 4:09 when you are in the desert and you notice that all the rocks look the same

  10. Do you announce if you play this game, maybe if you tweeted or some shit people will see and hop onto the game. I got the game and personally ik how hard it is to find some one (let alone with some good connection) to be able to play a match with. Ik that most of you're fans probably dont own the game but maybe make an announcement or some shit. Or stream it maybe and host where fans can play idono man I'm just kinda of thinking of different ways to get the game a little bigger so you can do more content. I hope this help, even though you probably already thought of this shit

  11. It looks like such a good and fun game if they didn’t fuck up

  12. Hey man, I'd love to try and play with you to see if our connection is tight. Wait I think it's region locked and I'm EU. Nvm.

  13. Kishimaro can we play 2v2 without comp.? Answer me please

  14. When I was watching Jotaro standing there and slightly turned to keep up with what you were doing, I was laughing bruh

  15. I wanna get this game probably gonna but I gotta ask do people still play this like online or rank or anything online

  16. Jotaro just standing there doing nothing is absolutely hilarious to me

  17. Yeah, part 2 is my favorite part too!

  18. 1:18 Epic music plays*
    Joseph and Caesar's epic teamwork

    Jotaro punches air on background and randomly kicks Caesar's itallian ass

  19. Whats everyones fav part mine is part 1 and 4

  20. Ceaser had to die. If he didn't then Jotaro wouldn't be born.

  21. Why in the first fight, the Jonathan got back up after being defeated?

  22. I wish someone will make a new JoJo game like FOTNS: Lost Paradise but with a better polygon model and graphic than this

  23. Please tell me someone still plays this and if u do my psn is forgotten-poison

  24. Josepth Joestar and Ceasar : attacks Josuke THe crap out of him
    Jotaro in the back round : watches

  25. Jotaro was laughing because Kashi just get trolled by the npc

  26. I feel like whenever you play any battle tendency character, let alone joseph and ceaser, you end up with a lot of "yep I totally meant to do that" moments. So basically beerus in fighterz

  27. Joseph: Everything I have done was planed precisely.
    Me: So Creasers Death was part of the PLAN as well.
    Joseph: Yep.
    Me: HARMON OVERDRIVE!!!!!!!!
    Joseph: OHHH NOOOO!!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!!

  28. I love how you predict your enemy and plan your attacks. just like Joseph

  29. Josuke getting comboed
    Meanwhile jotaro 🧍

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