JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven | ALL Team Intros & Unique Dual Heat Attacks

All team intros (both quotes, when applicable) and unique DHAs (both startups) from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.

BGM: “Model Viewer BGM” from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

00:00 Jonathan & Zeppeli

00:28 Joseph & Caesar
00:57 Joseph and Lisa Lisa

01:23 Jotaro & Kakyoin
01:51 Jotaro & Old Joseph
02:23 Jotaro & Polnareff
02:51 Old Joseph & Avdol
03:22 Avdol & Polnareff
03:47 Polnareff & Iggy

04:23 Josuke & Okuyasu
04:56 Josuke & Rohan
05:33 Josuke & Koichi
06:15 Koichi & Rohan
06:52 Koichi & Yukako

07:20 Giorno & Bucciarati
07:48 Giorno & Mista
08:27 Mista & Narancia
08:52 Fugo & Narancia

09:20 Jolyne & Ermes
09:42 Jolyne & Weather Report

10:14 Johnny & Gyro

10:55 Josuke 8 & Joshu

11:27 Josuke & Old Joseph
12:01 Giorno & DIO
12:37 Dio Brando & DIO
13:12 DIO & Pucci
13:47 Jotaro & Jolyne

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  1. Ese josuke de la parte 8 es el de la parte 4..???

  2. I would not like too mess with johnny and gyro when they have the complete golden spin energy

  3. The only reason they have Josuke and Rohan unique team intro is so that Josuke have as much team as Koichi otherwise it's kinda weird for the MC to have less special team than sub char

  4. wait… Jotaro is younger than Jolyne ? or is that just her joking around? im lost 😕

  5. At 13:30😮 are my ears deceiving me DIO actually called someone a friend?!

  6. Crazy diamond and the hand Are green how’s that possible

  7. After Josuke and Rohan are team up
    But they still hate each other

  8. Ok hear me out
    Why johnny has that fetish someone explain pls

  9. I love the animation style in this game. My favorites by far are the Joseph x Lisa Lisa and DIO x Dio dual heat attacks

  10. 11:13 "IKU ZE, JOSUKE!!!"

    Holy… it's sounds wonderful))) [Wonderful U]

    And that meme face of Josuke at this moment is simply priceless. No wonder this frame is in the preview

  11. I can imagine how many people who haven't read Jojolion would see this video and assume Joshu is Part 8s main jobro (spoiler, he absolutely fucking isn't)

  12. NAH Mr. Bruno bucciarati sounds like Sasuke

  13. Guirno and Dio was just: ❤💓💓💓💓💗💖

  14. Honestly i like how even though Part 3 Dio considers himself as a superior being to part 1 Dio, when he says Dio, hes talking about both Dios.

  15. I wonder if yukako and koichi got married.

  16. 6:06 the mark from koichi reads “dorararara” so joskues beatdown

  17. 8:02 “golden experience doesn’t exactly heal so don’t complain if you feel pain later AH GIORNO STOP DOING IT SO HARD”

  18. I appreciate that Joshu looks and acts as stupid as he does in the manga, very accurate to the source material

  19. Everyone else having conversations about the battle ahead but Johnny and Gyro just having a regular conversation

  20. The Doras sound like Purple Haze, it’s so weird

  21. I love josukes voices actor in IOH

  22. Pierre with a jacket on!! I would have never thought 😮💭

  23. just imagine a remake of this game but with the new characters from asbr and part 9 I can just imagine how many cool thinks could be done like a keicho; okuyasu duo or a josuke; yuya duo and just imagining a playable Usagi that need to be right next to he's ally to do any attack that use matte kudasai 🥲

  24. one word….
    what!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?! GYRO'S REAL NAME IS CEASAR?!

  25. « Black haired giorno doesn’t exist he can’t hurt you »
    Black haired giorno:

  26. Engraçado, já tem dublagem japonesa da parte 7🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  27. 10:31

    "Do you know what a "bug bite fetish" is? Well, they turn me on! End of story!" 😭😭😭😭

  28. "I stole the friction from the ground"

  29. The BGM name has been in the description for well over a year. If y'all are too lazy to read a description and use that wonderful search function YouTube has, you must not want to know the music that badly.

    EDIT: “BGM” = “Music”

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