JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Beta 2.5 [MUGEN] All Super Moves

Last video of the year intensifies!!

New characters –

Download link –

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  1. なかなか良くできてるじゃあないか

  2. i have to admit that these movesets look like it was hftf canon

  3. 24:36 I thought Abbachio had like an afterimage but it’s Moody Blues turning into Abbachio and copying his movements

  4. idk how to set it up and play because when i open it it takes me t note pad

  5. this mugen can be downloaded on the phone?

  6. Imagine if in this game,every single character has its own story mode

  7. The Bad company infantry soldiers are from metal slug LMAO

  8. Jotaro really like to waste time stop to praise koichi

  9. 17:56 why isn't anyone talking about how freaking fluid that animation was?

  10. 17:59 my man Jonathan got stabbed in the cock dude (the animation was god tier btw)

  11. ayo bro you are doing a very good job like i like how you come up with these things keep up the good work

  12. 2 polnareff but only 1 pillar, ok

  13. god i wish these were more like HFTF styled voices/sounds instead of these crappy ones

  14. So glad Santana finally gets in something like this. I'll shout this from the rooftops till the day I die, Santana DESERVES to be in a jojo fighting game.

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