JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R – System Introduction Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Study up on the Abilities, Battle Systems, and Modes approaching on Sept. 2nd in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R! #JJASBR

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  1. Can we please get a heritage for the future rerelease?

  2. This anime has been on my watchlist for nearly a decade. I need to get on that.

  3. This is going to be awesome to mess around with, and you don't have to be a JoJo's fan to enjoy it!

  4. Crazy how they re-released this game for A THIRD TIME instead of idk makin a new one?? Gettin GTA V vibes Imma pass.. played this back on P4 don’t need it for my 5 smh

  5. English localization is still terrible, but this game is a must!

  6. Happy Eren explaining the game to me… I'm sold!

  7. 1:49. Koichi literally talking about himself.

    (Just in case anyone doesn't know, Johny has the same actor as Koichi)

  8. PlayStation is just another JoJo reference.

    Yare yare daze…

  9. Fighting from horseback just seems really broken to me.

  10. Next we need Saint Seiya Soldier's Soul remastered for Nintendo Switch!

  11. still no word on rollback being implimented into the game? that's what will make or break online play tbh

  12. So since they keep the anime voice that mean Kaji Yuki voice Koichi and Johnny 👀

  13. I am still not sold on this remaster. It is really not adding much imo. The janky gameplay was my biggest complain and it still looks like it is still there. And of course almost every character plays the same. As a big Jojo fan i will maybe get it in a sale one day but i think i saw enough with the original

  14. without rollback the online is going to be unplayable

  15. 1:33
    -"so it's the same type of stand as heaven's door"
    -nani ?!

  16. I pre ordered the deluxe edition !! I CAN’T WAIT KOICHI-KUN

  17. Hang on. Hang the fk on. What is 3v3 team battles and why didn't they show it!?!? XD

  18. Nice game and i m not even a jojo fun….

  19. To any wondering, I believe the producer/director or whoever already said we aren't getting rollback months ago 🙁

  20. What happened to my boy Koiichi T_T
    He's got Ask Ketchum eyes

  21. I wish we could get more from Jojo than just fighting games
    And also it'd be nice to get some games that keep up with the anime so as not to spoil manga stuff, which less fans are in to

    I just can't play any of these games since they spoil their respective parts of the manga

  22. Man no rollback is definitely gonna hurt this game (for me anyway)

  23. This looks soo similar to the old game. What’s changed here

  24. Not fooling myself . Gonna be rushed like every manga game nowadays

  25. I don't remember buying a ps5 to play ps2 games

  26. Dear Playstation can you make a fighting game with PlayStation 2 characters that would be nice sign Caleb

  27. Rohan and Koichi explaining game modes is something I never knew I needed.

  28. This game is out on the day AFTER Stone Ocean: Part 2 arrives on Netflix!

  29. how can this game had so many interesting mode , king of fighter 15 should be shame ! they should bring back tag team and 3v3 too!

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