Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R — Globku Review

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R review by Globku. Bandai Namco sent us Jojo All Star Battle R on PC, so it’s time to review the gameplay, the roster, the systems, the story mode (?), and the online, including how ranked matches work and the netcode.



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  1. Adds to watchlist and waits for the complete package to fall under £50

  2. My issue is I'm completely new to the game and go into casual online and I just get infinitely air juggled by kira.

  3. I haven't watched the full vid. Is this game cross play?

  4. The moment i installed this game I launched a match and used Jolyne just to see if they fixed her "translation" on her HHA. They did

  5. Speak for yourself i am single player and love it i hate your review

  6. Online has been smooth as butter on PS5. I can't believe a CyberConnect game with delay based netcode actually plays well. Seems like as long as you're within region, matches are good.

    They seriously need to add spectating/lobbies.

  7. Can you do an input tutorial for fighting games? I wanna get into this game, but the inputs look scary

  8. my region is set to na and I live in eu how do I change it?

  9. Has this happened to any fighting game at release? The online being terrible at the released and then being fixed later?

    I wonder if i should by the game but it is currently very expensive and i wanna know if its worth it

  10. They beefed up the game considerberely, however since its basically just all the content from the first iteration in a new shiny package I guess I'd still wait for a sale.

  11. I would have loved an Arcade Mode boss and proper endings maybe

  12. Honestly, ranked should autoban wifi players. Nobody would want to play a game if someone was just mashing pause irl, and wifi is 99% of the issue.

  13. I know this is pure nit-picking, but it bothers me that the characters that weren't in the original ASB have drawn thumbnails instead of scans of their 3D models like the rest. It looks really out of place to me.

  14. i was about to say it looks like a ps2 game.

  15. Hopefully when sales are good they'll bump it up to roll back netcode

  16. I'm enjoying learning the game. Last fighting game I played was on SNES so this is kinda wild. I really wanted to play a JoJo game again too.

  17. Where do you find the online missions? I can’t find them and I’m on Xbox series x

  18. The online has been getting worse by the day. The first day when nobody was one. More specifically the two days before official launch I had a blast in private matches with my friend but once the game released there was basically connection drops in or after every single match.

    Roster is great. The game runs great on series x.
    The solo modes need an update and the story mode would’ve been nice if it was more like ultimate ninja storm or demon slayer ….

  19. The netcode ruins the entire experience for me.
    All my games run perfectly normal yet when I play ranked it lags, and then when I play casual it's perfectly fine 💀 they need to fix their shit

  20. 1. Content should never be locked behind online mode.
    2. Good netcode does not a good fighting game make.

  21. Man i just wish they'd one day release an anime fighter that's playable online somewhere other than the isle of japan

  22. I am not used to these super crazy combo games,but what can I say its JOJO. The fan boy in me is liking it.Some bosses in adventure mode can be absolute A-holes, but evetualy they all fall the might of the dedication in me!

  23. Oh! I thought I was misremembering the game having a story mode, but they changed it. Honestly, I’m kind of okay with that.

  24. Would be pretty funny if moody blue was the record option in training mode

  25. I’ve had it since launch on Xbox and I’ve been having the time of my life. Huge jojo fan for years and I’m primarily a solo player. I’ve enjoyed the solo content but I do also understand what you mean by it’s lacking.

  26. Globku be hating on the game but milks it with like 8 different videos 💀, no other anime fighting game does it like this (ninja storm 4 and hinokami chronicles are 3D fighters so kind of a different style)

  27. I believe the gameplay went from 30 to 60fps from the old ps3 version i got. I will say from my old experience you'll fighting the same way linking your combo from L,M,H into special or super with the whole cast. no one played different. You'll just see different stuff. $30 or less on sale is recommend it. Especially when Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a thing. Eyes of Heaven should be next

  28. Dude, Story/Campaign Mode was ass. Limited, only limited to canon fights and was a bad summary of Parts 1-7.
    The only neat thing it had was that you could play the opponent.

  29. will there ever be risotto nero? what i hate about all jojo games is that they always forget my favourite character.

  30. None of my friends are jojo friends wich is honestly pretty sad..

  31. I mostly only buy fighting games for the single player/arcade mode. I am aware that i am in the minority here, and i'm also a big jojo fan and love the fanservice, but I gotta disagree on the single player part. There is a lot of it compared to other fighting games, the arcade alone has two modes. The story has a lot to do aswell, albeit that you don't like it, which is fair enough since it's your review! But as someone who loves jojo and loves playing fighting games on my own and practicing combos, this fighting system + characters would be an easy B rank at least

  32. na dude this game is at least a B, no true jojo fan buys this for the online, ( i would hope so at least XD ) but i understand on one side why you gave it a D for probably the bad online, i played the ps3 version all by my own for the most part and it was fun, i am probably the odd one out, because i know that is the most boring way to play hahaha, but nice review in general

  33. God this game is so fun! I'm only playing the Demo but I'm already addicted!! I gotta practice my shoryouken Inputs tho

  34. The arcade Mode Sound like xenoverse 2 parallel quests.

  35. I was about to say "isn't fighterz cc2?" But no it's mainly arcsys

  36. Thank you for making this video!! You made this video have so much information about the game(also I picked this one because it has the most views) have a nice day 🙂

  37. I'm not really a jojo fan so the fact that it's a jojo game doesn't really matter to me

    But as a fighting game, is it good? As in how does it compare to something like SF or Tekken? Is it balanced? Is it any good as a party game with people who don't know anything about jojo like smash?

  38. what are the pros and cons of getting the game on ps4 vs pc?

  39. Is this a good game to play on steam deck because I’m a big fan of jojo

  40. Still no Abbacchio
    Justice for my man

  41. I honestly feel the tweaks to the fighting system made make it worse. The original was not a fast fighter, but everything formed a cohesive fanservicey whole. Here, certain actions, movements and attacks are sped up, but recovering from attacks is as slow as ever, not helped by knockdowns being caused so easily by numerous attacks, and matches grind to a halt whenever somebody performs a downed taunt or transformations and even stage gimmicks. There is so much of this "start stop" going on that it becomes aggravating.

  42. i woulda prefered them to remake eyes of heaven ngl

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