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If you guys don’t know, I LOVE anime and I’m a fan of fighting games! Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R just released with some new content and I want to show you guys what I can do in this game! If you’ve played it, what do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. If you're looking for a tournament CEOtaku is happening in Orlando later this month and I believe this is one of the games at it

  2. 1:14 Hey hey hey! Don’t dis my boi, okay. He is a homie. Don’t dis the homie. Still love you Justin.

  3. "If I heal you then it's not cheating" has to be one of the funniest things I seen in a fighting game.

  4. Love the game but wish they add more jojolion stuff :c

  5. Heritage for the future is way better than this game

  6. Props for the Itzy Background. 💜💜💜

    Who is you bias?

  7. I'd love to see a competitive scene develop for this game. Feels great to play, looks amazing and It's a great game to hone fundamentals as well.

  8. fun fact: jojo invented puppet characters. Zato defined the architype, but HFTF had the first one. They're called puppet characters because ebony devil used a puppet.

  9. Nah bro Koichi is a g. Even Jotaro agrees with me

  10. I let my friend talk me out of the pre order and wish I didn't. Anyone know if you can still get the pre order prison outfit even if you didn't pre order? Like a buyable DLC perhaps?

  11. Been a big fan since I was a kid, shout out to the GOAT

  12. This franchise could be the next thing if they actually tried with it. First time I discovered this game and it's fun as hell!

  13. All this game would need is better netcode and some characters then it’s amazing.

  14. This is one busted game, they have all characters from the entire Jojo series, then you have stage object damage, some simple automatic combo into SDM

  15. This game deserved a fix on its mechanics because the presentation its just perfect. I played the shit out of this on my PS3 but just for show because the ganeplay was stiff and simplified.

    Im so happy they ajusted this, the game deserves a lot of our attention

  16. Man I loved this game on PS3, when I get some money this will for sure be a buy

  17. Justin lemme run a few sets with you my brother! 🙂

  18. Diavolo's GHA raw does about 75% health or so
    Without rumble of course

  19. I'm having flash backs ban pet shop from tournament.

  20. I hope the game updates with Part 8 characters. I'm not too familiar with Part 6 series, but with that part finally over, some more representation would fit fine.

  21. This guy is a jojo fan, has the same first name as me, and is with panda

  22. I remember the original version of this game had some performance issues, so the new updated version makes it feel SOOOOOO much better.

  23. James Wong playing nights into dreams music you play the game before

  24. In all fairness 'Star Ocean' would've been a cool alternate title

  25. is this game similar to street fighter combo/input wise?! would love to check it out but he saying it's simple. kind of confused haha 👌

  26. if the online wasnt dogwater i would get it but i dont wanna play this laggy grindfest again :/ no way

  27. you should play the better jojo fighting game: heritage for the future, on fightcade

  28. Jwong you gotta try Baoh in this game, he's real strong and its pretty neat to see a character to see work

  29. I’m a geek I wanna get the joestar birthmark tattoo 🤣😆but everybody is telling me I’ll regret it

  30. JBA All star Battle R ! is a great Treat for MK, KOF and SF Fans!
    checkout my latest upload about JoJo's

  31. Josuke’s super is still one of my favorites in any fighting game. Healing you to full, just to KO you with one big punch. Such a satisfying pop.

  32. [Jac̡҉k̕_W҉̛̕o͞od̀́͞s̢͞] says:

    Holy fuck this guy is good right off the bat

  33. Arc needs to do another Fist of the North Star game.

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