Jojo Bizarre Adventure Eyes of Heaven: Polnareff Gameplay – Online Matches

Kashimaro Clickclick
Not that this character will somehow appear in announced Part 5 or anything , just think that Silver Chariot is a very underrated stand that needs to be shown more .. No other reason..

Music used:
Ice Ice Baby ASR Remix
Polnareff (GioGio’s Bizarre Adventure OST)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure- Stardust Crusaders OST – Clash
JJBA- ASB – Spirit of Emptiness ~ Vanilla Ice ~
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure- Stardust Crusaders OST – Stardust Crusaders
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders [Destination] OST – Shoot Towards The Decisive Battle

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  1. Polnareff got kicked so hard that he needed a wheelchair after the video.
    Unintentional spoilers.

  2. What is the name of the music when vanilla ice start kicking polnareff?

  3. I didn't know DHA worked like that, that Giorno got robbed.

  4. 5:59 is actually me questioning the character the first time reading stone ocean

  5. Captain Falcon: No one can master my Falcon Kick
    Cool Ice does his legendary kicks
    Captain Falcon: SONA BAKANAAAAAAA

  6. Oh Come on now you know turtles are a rough subject with polnareff

  7. How do you not know who Anassui is?
    I don't know how to spell their name but damn man like, everyone knows Anassui.

  8. Silver chariot himself isn't a flashy stand but the way that polnerif uses it makes it flashy

    Vanilla Ice: As you wish.

  10. Polnareff does have a battlecry it sounds like jotaro battlecry it goes like this HORA HORA HORA HORS HORA HORA HORRRRRRAAAAA!

  11. What is the song when Vanilla ice start kicking

  12. Would of been cool if they add old polnareff with reqrium arrow to

  13. This guy defended against Golden Experience Requiem with no health, outplayed Buccellati while being literally trapped in a corner, and went on the offensive to retire Giorno with a dual heat attack. Holy shit.

  14. At the very end of the video.
    Me: Cool.
    Me on the inside: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

  15. Polnareff in eyes of heaven is the best character in my opinion, he has a long range attack, he has a counter attack that literally counters everything even dha's, can kick people on the ground with his unblockable and his r1 is god, plus his square attack is amazing and pushes people back far, his triangle ability can be combo'd with his jump triangle which instantly knocks people on the ground allowing him to use his unblockable afterwards

  16. Vanilla ice Polnareff and Avdol: Normaly speaking*
    Pet Shop: AnGrY bIrD NoIsEs*

  17. "It's about time you helped out!"

    Kashimaro feels the same

  18. "aAaAAh dUs He KeEp KiCkInG mE iN tHe D king crimson Ck aAAAAaaAaAh'"

  19. "he has some scuba gear as well, does his ability have something to do with diving?"

    almost as if his stand has D I V E R in the name

  20. Funny thing is he only won when he was with other crusaders apart from jotaro and the 2 crusaders he won with were his close friends

  21. I only like cool ice because he kicks you while you're down.
    Like Dio said "only thing i need is to win, it doesn't matter how".

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