Jojo bizarre adventure eyes of heaven Josuke gameplay online match

Kashimaro Clickclick
Jojo bizarre adventure eyes of heaven Josuke gameplay online match . The game had a lot of potential gameplay wise and was pretty fun play , not to mention it’s jojo , so it’s good by default … too bad that all of that was wasted due to the shit netcode
Music used:
【歌ってみた】Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town【taiga】
part 2 ost – Avalon
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure- Diamond is Unbreakable OST – Diamond is Unbreakable ~ Main Theme ~

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  1. You have as many jojo fans as the total sum of loaves of bread you've eaten in your life..

  2. You can't say I like anime and not like Jojo. Therefore, all your fans like Jojo

  3. Не знал, что ты рузке.

  4. We are here because of your amazing editing and personality, no matter the game we will watch

  5. I've never watched Jojo, but I might bc of this.

  6. I never watched Jojo but i'm looking forward to watch it
    Really liked this video


    In all seriousness tho so glad to see Jojo. Never though we'd get a lovely surprise like this!

  8. shit net code + region lock + not a lot of players = a miracle to have a "good" match.

    From my experience on the game, the AI isn't very balanced either partners and stage hazards. That's why I hate the Rocky Mountain Village stage. The raptors will just prioritize one of the real players over the AI partners.

  9. I’m not a jojo but now I might give it a look

  10. İts not for the games we watch you its your reaction your comments and legendary editing why we want you to play these games to see how you do with them

  11. i never thought you would come back to this!

  12. Not a real Jojo fan but if u do this I'll gladly watch it

  13. They are not your fans if they are not fans of JoJo!

  14. 𝓔𝓶𝓲𝔂𝓪 𝓐𝓻𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓻 says:

    How to ride bake

  15. You made me into a jojo fan I’m on Diamond is unbreakable now

  16. Anastasia: I'VE WON
    also Anastasia: your hair bad
    Anastasia: I messed up did I

  17. Holy shit i have to buy this game right now!!

  18. Here's someone from the future saying. He fucked up when disrespected the hair.

  19. I jojo and suport fan(master)

  20. How do you do the hair insult for Josuke?

  21. Can u please do more heaven’s door content please

  22. Do any of you recommend me buying eyes of heaven? I’m kind of conflicted

  23. Crazy diamond in this game shows all of Josuke personality with just it's look.

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