Jojo Bizarre Adventure Eyes Of Heaven: Giorno and Dio Gameplay – Online Battles

Kashimaro Clickclick
Obviously saving the A game for October when Part 5 of Jojo will finally get it’s first episode , but the confirm itself is such a grand news that I needed to make another episode.

Music used:
DBZ_ SSJ Goku (Awakening Mix) – HalusaTwin
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HoTF – Hol Horse
Phantom Blood – Himeru Omoi
Stardust Crusaders – Awakening Darkness of The World

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  1. part 7 major spoiler:

    15:28 is equivilent to diego chopping off his own leg to get jhonny with the infinite spin

  2. This game is so good at fighting aspects.
    Im intrigued to buy this game

  3. your intro makes me frustrated
    where’s the funny pillar man music???

  4. I know I’m really late in this comment, but fuck you for saying Giorno got Kakyoined.

  5. Yo, Kars should have just thrown a box at Joseph to win Kars exposed

  6. I just notice that the big TRISH is when she got fisted

  7. Fun fact! You can hold down your circle skill to make giorno heal himself with a brooch.

  8. someone still playing this game? i wanna buy, but don't want to play alone

  9. If you don't know much about jojo don't read this giorno is dio son if you watched dio & giorno quotes you'll see in a part were dio says son
    WARNING IF DON'T WANT JOJO SPOILERS DON'T READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Does anyone know how to activate young josephs items? Like the items you get ?? I cant seem to figure it out

  11. Dio son is giorno
    And giorno dad
    Is dio


  12. just realized that Dio and Giorno dual combo attack doesnt make any sense cause Dio uses Za Warudo and giorno is like still moving shouldnt Dio's ability apply for everyone except u know, Jotaro (?) haha

  13. ah yeah, arrividerci, you have a good Italian hahaha

  14. “It almost like he’s parenting me”
    “I won’t give any spoilers”
    Me: 🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. That last part was literally Dio using The World lmao

  16. Hey, so I plan on getting this game on the PS4 store. I seen gameplay and big fan of show and manga, but I need to know, is it good? I mean, is it worth 60$ digital?

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