Jojo Bizarre Adventure Eyes Of Heaven: Giorno and Dio Gameplay – Online Battles

Kashimaro Clickclick
Obviously saving the A game for October when Part 5 of Jojo will finally get it’s first episode , but the confirm itself is such a grand news that I needed to make another episode.

Music used:
DBZ_ SSJ Goku (Awakening Mix) – HalusaTwin
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HoTF – Hol Horse
Phantom Blood – Himeru Omoi
Stardust Crusaders – Awakening Darkness of The World

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  1. Hmm… Anyone else think it would be interesting to see Giorno and Bruno's gang meet DIO and some of his followers, like N'doul, Hol horse and Vanilla Ice?

  2. 1:23 hOlY ShI wE GoT zOmbIes
    3:09 When Trish went ⬆️⬇️↙️↪️↩️⬆️ I felt that…
    5:18 Its almost like hes "paranting" me or something

  3. How do you get this good of matches? Every match I play lags so much

  4. How do you get such good connection games

  5. Um not. To spoil but dio is giornio dad

  6. Giorno and bruno: arrivederci

  7. "Giorno and DIO might be gay for each other" Sweet Home Alabama starts playing

  8. 5:18 “it’s almost like he’s parenting me” mhm I see

  9. Everytime I try to play with my friend I invite him then get disconnected idk what to do

  10. “It’s almost like he’s parenting me”

    Oh geesh, it’s not like i can get anything from that


  12. Online for me is really rally choppy and has a frame rate of 28. Is it my internet?

  13. 10:56 the best wryyyyyyyy in the history of jojo including the tv shoe

  14. "It's like he's parenting me or something." Yeah back then that'd be a big hint

  15. Dio is Giornos dad because he had *’x with 4 women and it includes Giorno’s mom

  16. The first match is a perfect example of the part 1 map sucking

  17. If no one had watch JoJo Bizarre Adventure this is part 5 Jojo it's in the manga also

  18. Ok good I'm glad that he isn't going to spoil anyth-

    GoLd eXpErIeNcE ReQuIeM

  19. I am from the future and part 6 is stone ocean and the main villain dies in a death loop and also golden experience requiem

  20. I haven’t watched part 5 yet ik ik but I think his ability is to heal and grow things

  21. After i watch this video a million of times… The last dual heat you hit Johnny because his stand appears on your feet, so you touched Tusk, thats the "STANDO POWER"

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