JMKit Games: Jinx’s Xmas Adventure (play-through)

Here is a play through of the free online cute and cool adventure game, and shows you how to complete the game!

Play Here:
Don’t watch it all the way to the end if you don’t want spoilers


  1. estos juegos hicieron mi infancia felíz

  2. @neontornado101 I showed you what to do to complete it, you did watch the video to the end right?

  3. @ImaKitKatLuver I don't know what you mean by showing 'everything NOT to do' If you mean i showed some additional dialogue, then that was just for anyone who already played the game but didn't see those parts. I still clearly demonstrated how to play through the game from start to finish so if you were stuck you'd see how to get past.

  4. thanks you showed me how to get the shovle thing THANKS

  5. lol me not game jinx xmas adventure not game HERE PF AFF

  6. Gamee Bunnie, can you change the resolution of your screen? – the tablet version loads if the screen size is small. Try going to your Control Panel, and then, under Appearance and Personalization, clicking Adjust screen resolution. and make it bigger to that should help 🙂

  7. i cant find this on jmkit can you bring it back if you deleted it

  8. I do not have this shovel in these fish what do I do?

  9. but i couldn t leave the airplane lmao. someone help

  10. I have played 8 minutes before finish

  11. cassie and Friends cassie and Cartoon characters says:

    JMKIT jinxbunny (el conejito jinx)

  12. Hello to me the game does not advance to me after I throw the glass to the penguin

  13. cassie and Friends cassie and Cartoon characters says:

    Wrong adventure the JMKIT JinxBunny and Friends Where's My MinxBunny story

  14. cassie and Friends cassie and Cartoon characters says:

    Garfield Cat and JinxBunny crossover

  15. Oml I seriously remember me staying up one night to finish this-

  16. Oh my, it was part of my childhood, I don't know how I found it but I'm very happy!!

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