Java For Beginners: Text-based Adventure Game Project (10/10)

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  1. Can I make customizable enemies, so some that have a pre-set amount of health when they are randomly encountered?

  2. I know im 5 years late but… How do I get the system to "println" to my html page?


  3. How would you go about making buttons / a background? Not possible in netbeans? – A newb

  4. Ok, I mastered java in 10 videos. Now I am gonna build next big game app.

  5. This was extremely helpful! I'm 14 and I have learned a lot of java from courses and videos but I needed something fun that I could apply my knowledge to and hammer in the knowledge so it doesn't escape. Thank you so much!

  6. nice explaination! thank you very much. very helpful ^^

  7. I'm excited to get started! Thanks for the tips!

  8. I really searched for a Java tutorial that is about making a text based game to make learning and practicing to code a lot more fun!

  9. Hey Bro! Great work Keep it up . LIked the video

  10. Amazing i will do updates in this game i created this game in intellij idea

  11. why does my program spam the words when i run it , i think it's because of the while statement but im not sure

  12. Thanks for that tutorial. It was quite the adventure!

  13. This was a lot of fun to make, thank you for this!

  14. I know it's 6 years after the video release lol but thanks a lot! Helped me get started on a game i'm making out of this. So far i have incorporated, levels, upgrades(still working on it), and prestige! I've also incorporated a way to select easy mode and hard mode! Helped me out a lot!

  15. that was really fun to do actually 😀

  16. no need for the break; after ur else if statement at the end

  17. over time the console becomes full and it starts to take time to process everything, how can i clean the console every round?

  18. thank you i love you you are a life saver

  19. I was wondering if you could make a tutorial for a horror/survival based text game just like this but maybe way longer. This video really helped making a game. Also have you or can you make a video that tells you how to export this game.

  20. This was my first time using Java. It turned out great!

  21. This is literally the best tutorial ever, I tried creating a text based adventure game project before and only if I found this at the time, I went too big since I didn't know where to start and now I have a personal project and this tutorial's helping me so much.

  22. This is an awesome and helpful tutorial, but I was wondering if you could show how to do something like this with classes and not just a main? This is just a curious question.

  23. I know this tutorial is pretty old but I am following this series for help relearning java to build a text based adventure game I originally did in basic back in high school. I skimmed through the video and was wondering could you use a switch statement instead of the else if to save time and possibly size? I don't know a lot about programming and especially in java but figured that it might be a good option.

  24. Awesome tutorial…can you please upload the code you have used in the video…it would be helpful!!

  25. thanks, I thought this was a great tutorial for a neat little project.

    I'm currently adding an xp and leveling system to it. Have already added a bunch of little things like magic/an MP bar, critical hits, a kill counter, etc.
    This was an awesome starting point!

  26. So if i wanted to export this project and load it onto a website how would I go about doing that. When I export it and run it on my pc nothing happens.

  27. I don't really know a lot about java, but wouldn't it be easier to create an enemy object rather than using a bunch of variables?

  28. Why do you code everything into the main class instead of separating it into several classes ?

  29. The only issue I run in to when trying to recreate this is that
    String enemy = enemies(rand.nextInt(enemies.length));
    is giving me an error about the method being undefined. I copied the source code exactly.

  30. Just completed writing this myself, it was fun and I am thinking of adding some customisations of my own. Thank you for the video!

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