It took me 20 Years to 100% Sonic Adventure 2

I have waited over 20 years to 100% Sonic Adventure 2 Battle… and it was a journey.
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➤ Max:

➤ me (2 battle)

➤ ThunderScott:


  1. It is amazing to me that you can take more than a full DAY of raw footage and condense it into a little over an hour.

  2. For me, it took 18 years. February 23, 2020. In game time of 45:07:21. 180 emblems. Then my memory card, of 16 years, failed that year and I had to do it all over again.

  3. Congratz! This game, Majora's mask, and Goldun Sun 2 were my first ever 100% games that I can actually brag about!

  4. 44:06 wtf is this read? ive been watching this video on an off for the past 6 days

  5. This video has been the before bed video for the past 3 nights

  6. he didnt even bring back soul for the chao garden…

  7. Sick video!! I heard Sonic Adventure 1 was next 👀👀 Would love to see that

  8. I wrote an essay about this game in my eighth grade English class. I convinced my teacher it was a book and she believed me.

  9. So NOOOO ONE in you stream told you how to us tiny animals to max out your chaos stats in one visit? (if you don't fuvk up) Dang…
    Also the spring under the very first part of the bridge where the chaos is found to get you to the top.

    ALSO!! Two player alternate costumes

  10. Wait there's an ancient light upgrade in SA2? 😂

  11. 100% sa2 is probably one of the best challenges tbh. The knuckles/rouge missions being the easiest (for me), and the mech stages the the hardest

  12. The part about watching this eating was too real, I’m on like my 6th session quietly eating while watching this video, thanks Jacob!

  13. thank you so much for this 🥲nostalgia at its finest, you've inspired me to do this myself. much love.

  14. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this video! To write a script this long and keep it interesting I’m sure was difficult! Loved this video!! Also when is your merch store gonna open back up 😭

  15. 44 mins in, i feel called out, but at least the McDonalds was good.

  16. Alpharad completed Sonic Adventure 2, so I don't have to.

  17. The moment he said "I'm a cherry guy" is when I clicked off the video lol.

    can someone tell me how to add timestamps?

  18. Wow, games had so much more replay value when I was a kid. I knew we had lost a bunch but look how much content this game had!

  19. its L to not be doing the chao keys to shorten it imo

  20. Sir I am done with my shopping because I have no money to my name

  21. Its honestly insane how he just posts Movie length videos randomly

  22. The crazy jumps in final rush is what made that stage so amazing if you never once looked down and thought “eh I can make it” you need to reply final rush

  23. Always love when somebody else recognizes the phenomenal music from Bravely Default/Bravely Second

  24. I honestly put the game down due to Mad Space..

  25. Now collect all 200 emblems in Sonic Robo Blast 2

  26. i mean.. rare candies in nuzlockes is pretty normal jacob 😂

  27. Not me actually watching this over 3-4 days XD

  28. Beating the game while having a hairdresser work on you made me think of how funny it would be to do speedruns and challenges while having a whole spa-day. Like imagine someone laying on a bed with a facemask and cucumbers on their eyes while beating a game blindfolded. Or beating a game with their feet while someone is giving them a manicure.

    Seems like the kinda thing Smallant would have done as a joke 2 years ago, except that he's too much of a goblin (affectionate) to have a spa-day.

  29. Ha !!! B R U H

    I used cheats when i was like 8 years old and got this level.


  30. 44:00 okay but why do you feel the need to call me out on it so perfectly

  31. 23:40 "Rogue is up to bat" you sly little bastard you think you can just brush past that and we wont notice? Lmao

  32. Funny enough I actually ate my lunch and took apart a heater while watching your video.

  33. I remember playing this game as a kid, and I discovered the super bounce on my own, but I also discovered that with a chao if you drop the stat increasing items in front of them instead of running into them they give the item back and you can use it again so I used that to get chaos stats really fast

  34. Nahh they added jiggle physics to rouge

  35. I loved this game. Thank you for this vid. Pure nostalgia.

  36. Didn't include the 'Blows up??!' 0/10 video.

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