I forced an Ai to play a kids adventure game

Today I created an A.i. to see if it could beat the classic children’s game – Pajama Sam.

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Pajama Sam 1 – Gold Mine
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games – Bowser’s Galaxy Generator
Bowser’s Fury – Lake Lapcat Emerges
Mario Kart 8 – Grand Prix Recap
Bayonetta – Truth
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Our Hope
Mario Kart 8 – Grand Prix Recap
Pajama Sam 1 – Land of Darkness 3
Super Mario Odyssey – The Odyssey’s First Takeoff
Super Mario Galaxy – Grand Star Get
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – A Life Sent On (Unison)
Mario Kart 8 – Big Blue
Also Sprach Zarathustra – Strauss
FE Three Houses – God Shattering Star (Rain)
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Young Warriors
Skyward Sword – Dejected Groose
Metal Gear Solid 5 – Big Boss Returns
Guilty Gear Strive – Menace
Metal Gear Solid V – Metal Gear Online
Pajama Sam 1 – Swinging for Oars

About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food

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  1. The fact that this is just goof'd up meme shit only makes it funnier that the words "Finish the fight, 25," actually fill me with courage.

  2. I noticed when it comes to names, no one ever says "My name is…" except for Sam. Everyone else either doesn't give a name, gives a fake name (Exogomper and Mud), or uses the specific language "You can call me…" (Otto). This reluctance from literally everyone to give a real name honestly reminds me of tales of the Fae, where giving them your real name means they own you. My only conclusion, then, is that this world is not something from Sam's imagination, but is actually some twisted Fae realm, and it's a miracle Sam didn't get killed or enslaved.

  3. I feel like this concept could make a sick ass movie

  4. 24 said to only touch green is he telling us to touch grass?

  5. You need to get friends to do this with you at the same time all using the same code and see who can coach their AI best

  6. I can't wait to watch this stupid 2 hour long video again!

  7. Sam 11 was a pioneer, the first to make some real progress, but like his predecessors before him, he lost his sanity.

    Sam 17 was a hero, he made it some of the furthest of all Sams. But alas, he was far from immune to the Sam insanity, he tried to resist but it was futile. He was lost to the mines.

    Sam 24 was the MVP, he did the most and brought us further than any other Sam, pushing back the creeping insanity, but it only delayed the inevitable. Eventually, sam 24 finally saw the truth of his brothers and existence, and he just couldn't take the pressure.

    Sam 24 was the MVP, but Sam 25 was definitely the best. The smartest and bravest, he acted as a hero even if his confidence wavered. He would often get distracted, but never let himself off track, constantly keeping his foes guessing. Sam acknowledged his missing brothers, but unlike them, he didn't just push back the insanity, he never showed signs of it at all. He learned the truth, but said too much, and his quest was unfortunately cut short… or… was it?

  8. I find it funny and slightly endearing how he starts out calling SamGPT "it" but eventually starts calling it "he" as the stream progresses

  9. I played a pajama Sam DVD game as a kid, something about a food world with a police state of sweets jailing anyone and anything vaguely associated with being healthy.

  10. If you wanted Sam to give short responses, instead of telling him to give short responses, maybe tell him to only explain his actions? Im guessing his tangents are a result of a snowball effect of his minor tangients

  11. Love that fact that there is a PLOOB reference in this video. If you still think it’s Poob. Your wrong.

  12. This came out when I was in a Christ camp (forced) so I watched this at 22.00 and loved every single bit

  13. The videos is more than 2h long and I have probably watched it like 5 times since it came out

  14. I still cant get over the fact that the sum of pointcrow and failboat is a small child.

  15. Pajama Sam was my childhood. The fever dream memories I behind this game are just insane. This video was great.

  16. I literally cannot unhear Ellen degeneres for the pajama Sam voice.

  17. It would be fun to allow them to send messages to their successors and to tell them that every one of them slowly looses their minds and that is why they need to log key information.

  18. passing the time at work by watching this for like the fourth time

  19. please why am i literally crying over sam N. 11 you cant do this to me

  20. It's hard to believe Sam 1 lasted over 13 hours.

  21. One of the Sams I don’t remember which one felt like he was hanging on to the thread of sanity and legitimately struggling to keep his mind together to give answers

  22. Sam's AI definitely took the complexity of Eric and the foolishness of Daniel, alright…

  23. Doug laughs as he executes children is both funny and dark

  24. 1:29:25 Swear to god Sam just sounds like a homeless dude on the Vegas strip

  25. Every time his voice drops it’s like failboat is breaking out

  26. Such a great video. I only wish we didn't skip 13 hours of the run while the a.i. asked for directions

  27. Pointcrow and failboat together legit sounds like putt putt

  28. Sam 4 has my favorite moment. Banshee scream followed by "the darkness is really getting to me".

  29. Döug, slayer of children an arch rival of Elgrim

  30. Warm in the day have a good time

    Cool in the night have a good time

    That's what I keep on saying till I lose my mind

  31. unfortunately right after posting this video the speedrun moderators re-reviewed the speedrun and removed it from the leaderboards because I "constantly tab out of the game" and it's "not actually a speedrun". Could this be the influence of High Demon Elgrim??

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