How we CHEESED an Online Tournament… (Bloons Adventure Time)

How we CHEESED an Online Tournament… (Bloons Adventure Time)
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Bloons adventure time has many different gamemodes and even allows for a PVP tournament! Sabre and Tewtiy enter into this tournament with a BRILLIANT Strategy. They will cheese the whole tournament!
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  1. What if you kept lowering the price of the upgrades?


  3. Happy birthday sabre! You should have done a Star Wars video because of “may the fourth” (may the force), it’s also my brothers birthday

  4. If you want your super monkey to be powerful you’ll need the Dr. monkey secret weapon which is best for range(+12 and goes to +17 if level 10).

  5. Great Video! Awesome Challenge! Happy Birthday Sabre! hope you have a wonderful day! keep up the amazing work you guys!

  6. Kinda wanted a new lightsaber monkey because it’s star wars’ anniversary

  7. I knew it that he's gonna die to DDTs. the whole video I was worrying that he's not gonna upgrade a single one to plasma and I was right! he could've reached much further if he upgraded 1-3 of them to plasma rip

  8. my btdadventuretime not working :<

  9. Tewber I paly the same game and I have some tips

  10. Happy birthday Sabre it my birthday too we have the same birthday

  11. I got to the late round 40's with non-leveled Sam's in the Martian Games (when it was send in the clones)

  12. Also u need the trinket "Night Vision Goggles" and if ya want super monkey to pop purples u need the "Frozen Nunchucks" cuz i think its bugged and allows Magic towers to pop PURPLE bloons

  13. The fact that they are like this is a intense event and over exaggerrateing about everything being op but its just a normal event and they were with noobs

  14. I beat chimps on hard and i got to round 182

  15. Tewtiy the dart is useless if you get laser plasma sun beam

  16. Day 3 pls upload ryan philips again im begging

  17. Sorry I'm super late but Happy birthday 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

  18. Love your vids I want to be a YouTuber as well because of you

  19. I got around 45 with the Summon phoenix wand ability and I put it on Sam

  20. Tewbre bruh they should have 1mill subs how does

  21. How does tewtiy have 1 million subs but tewbe only have 200k

  22. When I saw the title I thought he was talking about the bloons td battles 2 youtuber tournament lol

  23. if you got plasma and camo on them all you could've beat the ddt

  24. Hey how do i move my account onto a outher device? I want to transfer my account to my new phone.

  25. Can you teach me how to play bloons battle 1 or 2

  26. And then they never made another BATTD video…

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