How to use Yuan Bo in Battle | Total War Warhammer 3

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  1. I hate that campaign it's designed to play in ilustria

  2. How to use Yuan Bo in battle: If you have played Zhao Ming and Miao Ying, then I don't understand why you don't know how to use Yuan Bo.

    *Good at 1v1
    *Good at taking out low-armor melee or ranged units
    *Good at supporting (for example helping allied units in a fight)
    *Has a Fire Breath spell that takes a big chunk of HP from heavy-armored or low-armored units

    *Anti-large (Melee/Ranged or Armor Piercing will shred your HP in dragon form
    *Transforming into a dragon will have a delayed time (they do their little Jackie Chan Martial Arts fusion dance), but I don't know if they're vulnerable and can still take damage. It's best to keep them away from the enemy if you're going to transform.
    *You’re rarely gonna need to transform unless it gets serious (the enemy is winning and your army is breaking for example) because apparently their human form buffs them (never knew that until I looked it up). I'm also getting mixed answers from it being buffed or nerfed, so idk.
    *Can't use any other spells besides the fire breath spell while in Dragon Form

    These “How-To” shorts are clickbait and atp I'm clicking that big juicy don't recommend button. Also, y'all still crying about the pricing drama? It's been a MONTH! Just wipe your nose and tears and stop bitching already 😪

  3. I hate the way the models just stand there waiting for their attack

  4. Can we all address the elephant in the room? Units don’t look cool when they fight. Period. There’s just too much variability in what a given unit will be attacking, so the only attacks you ever see are large sweeping attacks where the animations NEVER connect, or single jab like animations targeting a single unit, which also never connect. It’s made worse with blood for the blood god. Since no animations sync with decapitation, a spear jab can decapitate. An arrow can decapitate. Mother Ostankya’s staff can decapitate. Battles don’t look good and even piss me off when I see a semi cool looking move followed by standing still waiting for the next AI calculation to take place (it doesn’t btw)

  5. Was he ported from guild wars 2 end of dragons expansion?

  6. Really wish the turning animations on those dragons were different. Looks so goofy since they are always levitating

  7. You forgot his most important, powerful stat: voice acted by Jeremy Ang Jones.

  8. I love how he charges in and just stands there 😂

  9. Is it me or does Yuan Bo feel more animated while he is in dragon form, like he feels and looks more unique then the other 2 siblings. Compared to Zhao Ming or Miao Ying

  10. Honestly i never use the dragon from on any of the dragon children. They become bullet/arrow magnets as soon as you transform. The only time i use them is when i am fighting an army with little or no ranged units.

  11. God that animation is like a licked tip followed by a kick in the balls. Cool jade fighting animation followed by standing like a dunce for 30 seconds

  12. Is rude to say i HATE if CA just chose your enemy, you HAVE TO fight lizardmen instead of chaos (like was advertisment in cutscene) this DLC will be bad , we all know it

  13. I love how $36aud gets you a lord that can do one attack before glitching and just standing there having an aneurysm for 20 seconds

  14. Fun fact, he has Executioner as a passive buff too so having it on his ability seems unneeded.

  15. $30 for a lukewarm lord…. jesus christ CA

  16. He just stood there for so long after firat attack

  17. So another overpowered lord on release, to try and encourage sales which will most likely be nerfed later a is the trend.

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