How to use the Jade Lion in Battle | Total War Warhammer 3

Colonel Damneders
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  1. Says it has a small Hitbox then two sentences later says it has a big hit box

  2. I wish they had made them units of 12… like Monstrous Cav

  3. Does he sound kind of like he moonlight in stellaris… might not be the same guy but speak kind of similar

  4. And somehow a literal hunk of stone is less armored than a bastilodon.Seriously wtf is a bastilodon's skin make of???

  5. You didn't really explain how to use them, you just narrated their stats and abilities.

  6. Umm don't know wtf I just watched but ummm ohhhh Kay 😅

  7. Love that the actions actually resemble a cat! Adorable!

  8. He did the buttwiggle before pouncing!

  9. Has anyone had any issues with the VFX disappearing after about 5 min in game? Blood splash and main weapon effects just stop appearing.

  10. They woukd be greater if the DLCs was actually worth it…

  11. I still kinda hate how most units after they attack just frezze for like 2 seconds with zero animations and then attack again
    Just looks weird idk

  12. you skipped over the most important part… their combat animations are similar to adorable kitty actions….

  13. And it seems to have the same issue as snow leopard when ranged units don't get interrupted even when it charges them directly.

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