How To Play Online In Forza Horizon 4 | Team Adventure Multiplayer Mode!

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How To Play Online In Forza Horizon 4 | Team Adventure Multiplayer Mode!

In this Forza Horizon 4 video I will be showing you how to play online against other players in all game modes like Capture the Flag, Team King, Infected, Racing and lot`s more!

If you keep going to the Playground games area in Forza Horizon 4 and its not finding any multiplayer games this is how you get around that problem.

Just remember to be able to play online multiplayer in Forza Horizon 4 you do need to be Rank 20 or over.



  1. This is the first forza game I’ve ever bought after playing the demo. I was expecting to be able to choose what class I played as online along with race style (example dirt). Can’t do any of that. It’s all random classes and random races. Extremely disappointed.

  2. I cant find team adventure even though im lvl 45

  3. When I go to "quickplay adventures" it only gives me team options how can I get the option as you show of racing, games, and anything goes? My has team for all of those I dont want that. Any idea ? Thank you in advance.

  4. This game is such a fucking piece of shit. Like Christ. Why in the fuck would they make this game even close to this.

  5. No you can play in Convoi with a friend but need to finish all 4 seasons in campaign.

  6. Im lvl 72 and i cant play online its doesnt find any teams what should i do to fix this?

  7. How can i play with my friend that has forza on pc but i got it on xbox, People say that there is crossplay but how does this PC – XBOX actually work

  8. mine frends i buy this game 7 months i have same problems like you if you can play stil online you must contact microsoft store or xbox for pc not console you must calling this one of this to the wil helping you installing for you everything they helping you with team viewer or quik assist go in youre pc en they wil doing for you

  9. I wanna race with my fkng X class in team adventure but each time it gives me a different class🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. Such a fucking retarded game. Let’s spend 70$ and not be able to play online. Fuck off. Literally bought it for offline but if I wanna play with friends I need to rush and not care about the offline play. Stupid stupid stupid what the fuck were you thinking

  11. Alguém pode fazer um resumo traduzindo para português?

  12. What a crappy story line i just want to punch everybody the face in the game.

  13. Just went through my YouTube history and you are the 1st video I have ever watched.

  14. This game have a big failand its this one

  15. can i invite my friend to come to my world for coop gameplay?

  16. Reign you dump stupid boy you don't have level

  17. I on level 150 and it's not letting me play online

  18. Is there a way I can make it so I go into an x class race?

  19. except that it takes 15 mins to fill a lobby, or you join a lobby that is already racing and the game never ends so I'm sitting in the lobby waiting

  20. This game is so stupid , what’s the point of convoy, why can’t hey just be like forza horizon 2 and 3. Just invite ur friend and they join, why make it so complicated ffs

  21. How do I make my own so I can play with my friends

  22. But can I play with a pc friend and be on a Xbox

  23. How do I "challenge" other players(for lack of a better term) for a quick outrun race…?

  24. What kind of monster creates a game that FORCES you to play 7-8 hours to unlock the online feature. I just installed forza 4 because I can't play forza5 with my friend because of all the bugs, and now I get this ? These guys need to wake the fuck up with their shit game

  25. It says my account can’t be verified with the server

  26. Hey can you show me how to put my Xbox 360 on online

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