How to Customize the Dark Urge starting character in Baldur’s Gate 3 #baldursgate3 #gaming

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The Dark Urge starting Background in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the only pre-canned character that you can change the class and race of! If the reason you didn’t try it out was that you did not want to be a dragonkin, you can change that!


  1. Yes, but the white Dragonborn is a sick design.

  2. Did you just call a Dragonborn a Dragonkin-

  3. Even in Other GameArgonian Looking character always been so badassI meanWho would be thinkingThat argonian the one who responsible to make Daedra forced to close Oblivion Gate because They're invaded by Argonian while everyone is invaded by Daedra.Im going to play as Dark Urge in the next Playthrough

  4. I kind of wanna try this out once I’ve finished a nicer playthrough first. Might be a good way to release some pent up frustration.

  5. My first run has been a dark urge playthrough. No regrets, I immediately killed the githyanki chick after i saved her from the cage, made vampire boy into a gloomstalker assassin, thinking about making emo chick into a life domain druid just haven't decided on the subclass. The dark Urge is a Great old Eldritch knight. 3 levels in each right now. Going 7EK/5GOO by the end. Eldritch blast go brrrr

  6. Did a dark urge paladin too. Made the mistakes of not killing Lae zel after failing to convince the tiefling to flee so i lost my vengeance oath right at the start and wanted to see if it could hold for long (i will try it again one day xD)

  7. Casually talking about 40 hour minimum playthroughs

  8. So you’re saying it in a character choice not a quest line I wasted so many hours trying to get the quest line of dark urge only to find out it’s a character design am I right or am I wrong?

  9. It literally says in the description you can fully customize it….Thanks for stating the obvious just to gain clicks

  10. I'm so glad you made this video I thought I had to be a dragon in order to have dark stuff

  11. I love that nerdy nasaly kermit the frog type voice ur doin lmao gave me a good laugh 😂

  12. First character- Dark Urge, Gith, Warlock/Oathbreaker

  13. Why Dark Urge is not the best for first playthrough? Sounded nice for someone that wanted a custom character with some extra story behind it.

  14. What noob doesn't know the dark urge is customable 😂?

  15. Ah yes,The "Intrusive Thoughts Won" playthroughI know it well

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