How to Create Adventure Games using Twine

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Dan talks us through how to create your own interactive story or adventure game using Twine – an online or desktop application.

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  1. at least!!! a video that explains exactly what I need, thank you very much, my good friend.

  2. Hey probably late to the party but great video. Are you using Harlow or Sugarcube? I can't get the "if" to work when working on my rations calculations.

  3. yo king shit for uploading this dude. i followed along as u went and now i have an example story to refer back to if i ever forget a command 🙂 thankz!

  4. An actual pedagogical and simple approach to teaching and explaining how to go about getting started on Twine.
    A rare thing to find online. Most people doing vids have been going for to long and have no clue how it is like to be new. Just rushing trough what they consider simple basics. great work.

  5. I've tried watching so many tutorials and ended up falling asleep because they take so long labouring over tiny details, which you summarise neatly and move on. This taught me a lot in a relatively short space of time. Looking forward to another video that builds on this, but for now I've got some variables and if functions to play with. Thanks!

  6. Great video, thanks a lot for the detailed and clear explanation!

  7. Incredible tutorial all around. The only thing that was irking me was the copy paste the same piece of code for every instance. Is there a workaround for that with Twine?

  8. Really nice tutorial, thx a lot but just, how can we remove the option to go back to the previous text with the arrows when you are playing at the published game ? Because I found that s kinda broken, players can just go back when they choose a bad issue or something like that. It's like cheating.

  9. (set:$name to (prompt:”Enter your name: ”, “Default Name”))
    Typed this code into my first scene to ask for the player's name before the adventure starts but it returns an unexpected token message… the editor suggetss it has issue with ”Enter your name: ” and “Default Name” running Bugging shows 0 errors; please help

  10. question, how do you make it that when you lose all your hitpoints and you go a game over screen and from there you can restart the game?

  11. this helped a shit ton, thank you so much!!

  12. Oh my god, this was a lifesaver. I had such a hard time trying to find examples of some commands since people kept only linking me back to the list of all the documented Twine commands and such, not really telling me how to find what I needed or how to use the information I had.

    This tutorial has really been almost everything I needed, you absolute saint

  13. Hi I need help. I don't know why but the basic "if" function doesn't work for me. I have done everything right(I think) and it doesn't work. If anyone is interested in helping me I can send a screenshot. Thx

  14. Great! I'm going to look and see what else you have done because I notice in the comment from theogore you say you might create more tutorials. Hope you have done more because you teach very well. I want more please!!!

  15. Is there a way to include the inventory bar through the project stylesheet or something? so that we won't have to paste again and again in every passage?

  16. dam is there any chance your next tutorial could add things like gender choices and time data. anyone one of those would be great.

  17. i have a question, i dont want to have 2 direct choices, i want to make the answer is free to type by the player but it has limit, for example, im attacked by a bear, what should i do? (the answer is run), but i want the player guessing what is the answer. i dont know what is the name of this system, its like "enter your answer". how can i make it?

  18. Super useful and I loved your nice vibe! Thank you 🤩🤩👍

  19. Wow thats amazing. I just wanted to learn how to do a super basic version of twine so i could have a nice story, but now i have the options of health and all that, crazy. I think ill start real easy at first and just make use of the go back to this command and such. Thanks a million

  20. amazing tutorial. easy to follow and very fun. i think one of the best tutorials on Twine

  21. Все очень круто и понятно! Буду использовать на практике)

  22. Only a quarter of an hour in, I already know that this is the kind of tutorial a software like Twine needs. There are some weird videos out here that explain the stuff as if for someone who already knows and understands it all. This here is done very well — show what it will be all about, then show it bit by bit with code and explanation. Like this and no other way! Chapeau and thank you!

  23. Thanks man. Just getting into all this. Only just discovered Twine. Furious that at NO point in my expensive education NOT ONE time was this introduced!
    In any case. A HUGE thanks again. Is there a place where I can play some stories from creators like yourself? Just want to get an idea of what´s possible etc.

  24. I think my biggest issue is knowing when to break up my writing so it's not just a big wall of text on one page. Also when to add choices for the player

  25. Hello! This is the best tutorial I've seen on Twine! But only one question remained – how to make the game end when health decreases below 0?

  26. I have to do this quick so I'm asking instead of watching the video, how do I make it so that if one dies they get moved to the start of the story. I've got (if:$health < 1)[You have died] but don't know how to link it.

  27. Would you mind chaptering the video for replay purposes? :]

  28. Wait, thats mean if your hp is 90 +50 is 140 while your hp is max 100?

  29. I love this video so much.If you don't mind,I would like to ask your permission translate and share this video to the other website in China for the embarrassing reason that Youtube is blocked from accessing in China.Of course, I will give sources of the original website.Thank you very much!!!

  30. Wish you made some more twine videos, yours seem to be the best I can find

  31. Thanks for that helpful and warm tutorial.

  32. thx a lot for this tutorial. It makes a lot of things in twine way easier.

  33. Thanks its a great tutorial.
    But how to end the game if health reaches zero etc.?
    I can drop or raise my health.
    But how to end the game when its at zero?
    Or in my case.. when the water level reaches '10' ?

  34. When I write (set:$name to (prompt: … nothing happens. Like the word "set" doesn't become italics etc. Why?

  35. That was amazing! Truly it was entertaining and I learned how to use Twine. Thank you for this tutorial! 🙂

  36. the codes of name did not work for me 🥵

  37. wow wonderful explanation, please continue making videos for twine.. It's super interesting 👌👌

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