How my ROBLOX GAME made $600 In 1 MONTH

How my ROBLOX GAME made $600 In 1 MONTH
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Hey guys, in today’s video we added a big new feature to my ROBLOX game, and I talk about the main ways my game makes money!




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  1. Hey, I saw many players having 10M gems when they start, but those who already played atleast once didnt get anything. If the free 10m is intended atleast give it to everyone

  2. Getting Rid of the Activate Windows 10 Watermark Using CMD

    1. Hit the Windows + R buttons on your keyboard to open the Run window. Type “regedit” before selecting OK .
    2. Once again, a notification asking, “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” will come out. Select Yes .

    3. In the Registry Editor Window, type in this address on the upper area: Computer/HKEV_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop.

  3. keep working on button sim would be uncool to just stop the project after not many upds

  4. BTW Add A Thing To Close The UI On The Side

  5. this is a genius right here bro. hes charging 8 dolars for a super simple rebirth buttons mechanic, when u could easily do a 4 min tutorial on it. 🧠🤑🤑

  6. is it me or did i just see that he disliked his own game? 😂

  7. you needed the website to sponsor you‘re pc

  8. I love your videos there are always so organised and so attractive

  9. Holy crap bro i think scripting is hard tho on chances i think soon i could try to make a game

  10. 8$ for that is actually outrageous bro for some buttons

    -add UI to the store
    -add a working leaderboard
    -add where you can buy music
    -add crystal stones


  13. fix the dang bugs already, stop making excuses to not fix the game

  14. hey bro. I remember you from DeHapyPrank. I just want to say, keep up the work! I really love what you are doing!!

  15. What do you do when you can’t find a YouTube tutorial on what you want to make

  16. I Havent Well.. Played The Game.. But In Case It Isnt Added, You Should Add Pets With Different Multipliers. You Should Also Add A Parkour For Different Maps Wif Different Rewards Every Day They Complete A Parkour:)

  17. Make a PVP Zone where u get currencies like gems or coins for winning or scoring on a podium.
    Also, make premium benefits like 1.5X Gems or something.

  18. Bugs? Nah! Pets? Nah Runes and new islands? YEAH!

  19. Want to make a game but dont know how to do scripts and to lazy to learn

  20. Yoo, you’ve got a new sub! Pls a shoutout! Love you! ❤

  21. I really want to see a new video on the mining simulator

  22. Giving your old pc to your brother? What a true chad 🗿

  23. How am I getting behind even more when i check my position in waitlist 💀💀💀💀💀

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